T&T Artist needs a kidney
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    T&T Artist needs a kidney

    Hi, I'm James from Fiery Dragon, and I just wanna drop in a little post about an artist named Jeff Freels.

    When the Fiery Dragon crew gets together to play a fantasy or sci-fi or post-apocalyptic rpg, we pretend we’re amazing individuals with crazy histories and mystical abilities. We use our imagination and pretend the impossible is possible.

    And then you deal with someone like Jeff Freels, the blind artist, and you quickly redefine what amazing abilities are. Jeff is a guy who came to us through the Tunnels & Trolls community, and his art captures the feel and magic of that game perfectly.

    Now, whatever challenges our characters may face in our fantasy roleplaying games, Jeff is certainly dealing with issues that are just as difficult and facing them as bravely as any warrior. Jeff needs a kidney transplant.

    He’s created a page on his website that gives the details of his situation and his plan: http://www.jeffwerx.com/tf.html. Inspired by Jeff’s courage, we’d like to help him raise money for this worthy cause.

    Fiery Dragon will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every digital and direct sale (from our website) of all Tunnels & Trolls products sold in 2012. We’ve just released CASTLE OF THE DEAD, a T&T Solo Adventure that features Jeff’s artwork, and we’ll be re-releasing the latest version of the Tunnels & Trolls Roleplaying Game rules and additional adventures throughout the year.

    You don't have to be a T&T player or Fiery Dragon support to help out, though. Jeff has a donate button on his website that can be used to send funds to him directly.

    Together we can enjoy a great game and help a great cause. Thanks for your support

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    Please start shipping overseas and I'll be in

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    Having had a liver transplant 8 1/2 years ago my sympathies and support are fully with Jeff & Raquel in this time of need. Donation sent.
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    Can't afford much right now but donation sent.
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    I didn't read all of the OP before reading some of the replies. Imagine my surprise: "Shipping kidneys overseas? Already two kidneys sent? Holy crap someone close this thread before the man ends up with 42 kidneys!"

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    Overseas shipping has been a difficult challenge for us in the past; it's been hard to track delivery and receipt, and we've ended up losing money re-shipping product and hoping that it ends up in the right hands.

    That being said, we're trying to generate some revenue to contribute to the fund, so we're working on a way to get product across the pond (or, over the ice caps? Or through the canal? I guess it depends where you live...)

    So, thanks for the interest and suggestions. We hear you, and we're working on something!

    I'll drop back in and bump this again when we've got it figured out - hopefully within the week.

    - JB
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