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    GUMSHOE: Night's Black Agents - Tinker Tailor Vampire Die

    For those that do not know, Night's Black Agents is Pelgrane Press' newest game, a combination spy thriller, eldritch horror, vampire suspense tale.

    I adore this game and would bear it's RP-babies if it would let me. Mechanically, GUMSHOE is pretty clean and easy for new and experienced hands alike to pick up, allowing for the focus to be on the particular story.

    For those that do not know me, I'm John. stuff. One of those things is gaming. And this is my game, a slightly hacked version of a Mirror-version of Night's Black Agents called "Tinker Tailor Vampire Die".

    Some setup first:

    This is a world where organizations like Mission Impossible's IMF also happen to have a need now to do things like "kill cultists, save the world, defeat arcane and terrible horrors that have for years (centuries?) attempted to control/enslave/eliminate mankind". You know, a typical Tuesday at the office.

    The characters:

    The leader of this team is Mace Hunter, epic superspy extraordinaire, who has climbed the ranks of authority and espionage usually by dumb luck, and he now sits behind a desk and conducts this "symphony of insanity", while still managing to go out and have a date with a beautiful lady/his secretary/the wife of someone important. He misses field work, and wants back in, but the team needs a home base leader now more than ever.

    His Point Man is Nick Darter, and he's everything Mace was ten years ago, only more vegan and less casual. Nick specializes in small arms, cold drinks and looking really good in a tuxedo. Everyone assumes Nick will succeed and exceed Mace one of these days.

    Anna Latwanna is the British hacker, working for Nick after he promised her he'd find out what happened to her sister Lucy (more on that in a minute). She does two things well, one with clothes on (there's not a system she can't get into) and one without (and she's desperate for Nick to try).

    Mike Smith (not his real last name) blows things and people up. He's a trifle deaf now, but this lapsed Catholic priest is second to none with fuses and detonators.

    (also not his real name) is most likely an escaped convict. No one is really sure. He's got no fingerprints, and depending on who you ask he's either a former Secret Service Agent or a birthday clown. He lives to drive and fly. There's a rumor he once turned an ice cream truck into a submersible to pilot the canals of Venice.

    Desdemona Briggetti (probably not her real name) has a history. She'll have your history, if you're not careful. Desdemona has been a princess, an oil baroness, several different men and a leper. That was last week. This week she's whoever the job needs her to be.

    This adventure has three prequels, explained below.
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