I'm number one, I'm number two
I'm number three and four, how 'bout you?

The best goings-after don't leave the state
If you can find the door don't be late,

All of the telephones rang at the call
When all the waters rose it seemed kinda small,

Letters are the better things to lose outta hand
All of the pipes are glass that play in the band,

Some sink at twelve o'clock, some rise at two
All of the others ones do as they chose,

When I'm not invisible I see with my eyes
But when I hear ya standing there I know that you lied,

Out in the dark of night it seems rather cold
People under softer lights never seem as bold,

Dig in the sandy ground where it's nice and soft
Build on the stony ground to see it rise aloft,

Now that I've lost the count you know that it's true
Sum found the secret thing, how 'bout you?