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    Leif's "Pomarj" Greyhawk Beta Game [AD&D 1E] [IC 01]

    Amaya Kam looked with some trepidation at the angry orc customer who seemed ready to renege on their "deal" to buy some weapons. "Ah, well," she thought, "they're not my goods, after all." The only difficult part would be explaining to her bosses why she returned without either the weapons or the money. Iono the prestidigitator looked on with some small interest. He had need of good swords to help him with his wicked plans -- if this wench survived the orc, she might be worthy. Iono winked at Raggs the halfling who is sitting across from him, indicating the sport developing nearby. Simon "the Warrior" (who felt it wise to drop his usual appellations of 'good' and 'ranger' while here in Highport on the northern coast of the Pomarj) looked on with some concern for the lass. What would she do? What would the orc do? Would anyone intervene?
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