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Oh if only there was a character that could do respec for perks. I don't think I have the energy to replay Skyrim again or go through the main questline...
Egads yes, a respeccing option is desperately needed. The only option at the moment is to just save every five minutes, have auto saves on for everything, and make sure you save before you spend a perk. All of which is useless when you don't realise you wasted a half dozen perks until you've reached 50th-level.
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Their level scaled HP means you have to dual cast to deal appreciable damage and that means you can't also have a ward up at the same time. Definitely playing a Breton next caster I make.
Yeah, I really feel like mages were done at the last minute and never got the polish other builds did; the spell skill trees are very vanilla and there are 2H and 1H damage boosting items so spell-damage boosts to items could've been included.

As for Breton, I tried it and felt let down by the absorption ability. The High Elf natural +50 to magicka and their once a day magicka regeneration, though, is amazing. You don't regen whilst casting, but the regen is so fast that you can get back two or three full bars if you're casting big spells and waiting for regen in-between.

I just put my mage on moth-balls, though, 'cause I'm tired of him dying all the time. He's so frail. I'm now, finally, on to my one true love, a dual-wielding dagger rogue. Shame there's no throwing of daggers Dual-wielding is nasty damage output and I can oneshot almost anyone with backstab + berserker rage + poison... and I haven't even got optimised weapons or shadow warrior yet (btw, if you didn't know, you can shadow warrior stealth in mid combat and do a sneak attack in the half second or so window that you're 'hidden', which makes for incredibly deadly rouges).