From Soulnova's character submission, posting for discussion/voting:

Ruvalra Goddess of Harvest and Hunt

Titles: Lady of the Field, The Little Hare, The Wildflower, Harvest Maiden
Alingment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Farmers, Hunters, animals.
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG, N
Domains: Good, Heal, Animal, Plant, Protection
Weapon: Longspear
Holy Symbol: A winged flower (flower varies by region)

Ruvalra is a small goddess of harvest, land and protection. Her influence has been rising just very recently among farmers and hunters mostly. Is described as a winged maiden holding a hare and a basket full of bread, fish and fruit.

It is said she revealed herself to some hunters a couple of centuries ago to give them her favor on a hunt. Her only holy text (a simple set of rules) is carved on a stone in the middle of nowhere between Tritower and Venza.

She hates those who taint the land or deplete it without consideration. She specially loathes aberrations and the undead.