Didn't see a thread for this already, but apologies if I've missed it.

For quite some time, Chris Witt and Dave Villegas of the D20 Radio Network and the Order 66 podcast have both been working on their first foray into publishing games. And it has officially begun with the launch a Kickstarter drive to fund Edition Wars. I'll let the boys speak for themselves on this one.

Kickstarter Page for Edition Wars, by Gamer Nation Studios by Gamer Nation Studios

It's already closing in on the $4K mark, which for only being 8 days in is pretty impressive. And given the discussion and debates about the various editions of D&D as well as listening to Chris and Dave talk about this in the post-show segment of Episode 152 of the Order 66 podcast, there's a lot of gamer humor to be had.

And you've got tax return money that is just burning a hole in your wallet, you can do what I did and make a $175 pledge to actually get yourself into the game as one of the Gamer cards.