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    It's just a pair of dogs ....

    Grembor leading the way as per usual as his skills were tailored to this task opens a door and finds a disused study; upon checking out the desk however he left it well alone as he notices the tell tale evidence of Yellow Mold on the drawers and advises the party to stay away from it. They cautiously circle the desk and advance to the next door.

    Upon opening this door they are rewarded with a bedchamber. It would have been a nice room but for the state of the room and its furnishings. Oh and the large stain in the mattress which showed evidence of a slender hole in the mattress in the center of the blood. It looked like someone met a grisly end here having been stabbed to death in their sleep. Soooo nothing here to be cautious about considering the Spectre’s in the library; Grembor enters the room cautiously and notices from the corner of his eye a weird rippling of time and space as two dog like creature’s stand there in the corner of the room. They look like an artists impression of a dog crossed with a bug eyed fish and Grembor again feels some of his minds supports weakening as his mind fragments some more. When you looked directly at the dogs they seems normal enough in their own weird way. However when you looked away their shapes seem to twist and distort in very disturbing ways making your eyes snap back towards them in fear. One of the hounds opens its mouth and howls towards him which seems to rend his form with some strange energy and strip away some of the essence which made him solid. Various slices and gashes appeared all over his body as the other hound circles the bed an approaches and tries to bite his face off. Grembor backpedals and clears some distance between him and them as they disturb his sense of what’s right in more ways than one. Sayuri unleashes her ever present force missiles and they hammer into one of the hounds while Zordlan firs some arrows from his bow which catches the same on in the ribs. The blood which seeps out was not what they would consider blood as it is purple in colour and of a thicker consistency. The party looks at each other concerned that in their weakened state fighting these strange hounds may not be a good idea.

    Nashkar heals up Grembor with a weak channeling while Pringle uses the wand again to send a single force missile wobbling their way. Zordlan again draws his sword and goes to strike the one of the hounds while Grembor shoots from the back; One of the hounds fades from view; if this is going invisible or teleporting away they don’t know but it was the one which had taken the brunt of the damage. The other bays and the party feels the effect of its sonic attack as they feel the blades of sound rip through their bodies. However it is no mach even for the weakened party and it soon fades into whatever place it came from having left the party feeling very much shaken.

    The group searches the room and find a curios book hidden in a closet which is passed to Pringle but he is unfamiliar with the language it is written in. They ascend to the roof above and find another of the priests dead up there as if he had been dropped from a great height. They quickly leave this alone as for some reason they find this disturbing.

    Descending to the main central room they follow the trail of one of the slug creature’s the observed the birth of and it seem to lead to one of the stone monoliths in the stone circle; they all do a close inspection of the circle and Grembor finds a hidden compartment in the central alter which contains a weird seed pod which none of them can identify. Pringle takes this and puts it in his pack while they check out the strange stone the slug went into. Pringle with his magical sight notices that it is faintly magical as if some latent conjuration magic is present and makes the link to the pendant they found on the high priest which was also radiating the same power. Placing the talisman in what looks to be a depression of its size and shape the monolith twists with an eye jarring shudder and transforms into a gateway to another place. They swiftly make the decision to not go in there yet and retrieve the talisman and after a more serious search of the rooms they find a box filled with straw that could have held something the rough size and shape of the Seasage Effigy they were looking for.

    They leave the manor house and return to the village to heal up and recover. They all wander round the various shops looking for something to help with the Spectre’s life draining touch but nothing in town seems up to the task. They have a quiet night sleeping and recovering from the ordeal. Nashkar thankfully recovers enough to heal up the damage caused by the Spectre’s so none of the party loose any of their hard fought for powers.

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    That is us up to date. Don't know when we will by playing again as my g/f (Sayuri & Zordlan) is currently recovering from a serious operation and the psychedelic pain meds she is on are not conductive of concentrating upon a game. Should be good in a week or so.

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    It seems that I will not be finishing this thread in a timely manner as hoped. Ron who plays a couple of the characters (Grembor & Pringle) has a new job in Michigan and has moved back there. We may be playing sporadically when he comes down to visit or over skype but this is going to to be few and far between.

    These will be written up and posted as normal but the time between posts will be long.

    Sorry for any disappointment on your part for those few who were following this thread.



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