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    Regional Mapping

    Starting this so that we can begin collecting and placing world detail on our map so that it doesn't get lost or overwritten with another DM's work. I've a map of the northern third of the Eastern continent that I've been working (slowly) on that I'll post when I get home so that others can point out the stuff that I don't know about.

    1 Venza
    2 Tritower
    3 K'issp
    4 Hruthrip
    5 Gist
    6 Great Chasm
    7 Martna
    8 Tal Hallow
    9 Omen (uncertain location)
    10 Sangre del Sol (uncertain location)
    11 Kostry Kopec
    a Roccino Isle
    b Three Rivers
    c Allebasi Gate
    d Haatse
    e Orino river
    f Starwater river
    g Tang river
    h unnamed gnomish/dwarven town
    i Telen pass
    j Thornspire mountains
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