ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG: A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay retroclone
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    ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG: A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay retroclone

    Hello all! I am unsure if this is the correct forum to post this or not, but I'm looking to do a bit of self-promotion.

    I've been running a tabletop game set in my homebrewed world for a good 15 years at this point. About five years ago, we adopted the Warhammer 1st edition tabletop system to replace the various editions of D&D I've had to houserule to heck. While we didn't use the Warhammer world, I loved the ruleset. It well-suited the early modern world approach I've used in my game; dark, dangerous, gritty, low magic, highly political and clearly inspired by a Lovecraftian approach to sorcery.

    A year or so back, I began to scribble my house rules into PDF format using Pages for Mac to distribute to my players. We'd already been using a wiki to catalogue everything, and it only seemed a good, natural extension once a few players began to bring iPads to the game. Soon thereafter, these handouts began to explode into a generic RPG rule set that mimicked many of the WFRPG and Warhammer 40k rules, but reinvented them with a lot of new ideas. In November, I found myself virtually rewriting the entire game mechanics, starting with the math. We'd essentially been play testing all of my ideas for a good year or so. I knew it was time to do something with all of this creative energy I've had...

    A few conversations latter with an IP attorney, a Facebook chat conversation with Chris Pramas and my gaming group, I decided to put this huge thing to print for self-publishing. I'm a good month away from finishing my second draft, but have been releasing copious amounts of information over at Strike to Stun: Strike to Stun Forums: WFRP at its best :: View topic - A preview of ZWEIHÄNDER, a grim and perilous universal RPG.

    For those who are art nuts, I believe you're going to LOVE the cover -

    I'd love to field any questions about the system, and get some ideas from posters here about what they loved and hated about WFRPG's rule set, and any additional things that you may have found to be lacking or missing all together from WFRPG.

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    Looking forward to checking this out, going to have a look through the S2Stun forums now.

    Good luck

    EDIT: for us not in the loop what is the dif between CoreHammer and Zweihander?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mach1.9pants View Post
    Looking forward to checking this out, going to have a look through the S2Stun forums now.

    Good luck

    EDIT: for us not in the loop what is the dif between CoreHammer and Zweihander?
    Thanks for the well wishes!

    Corehammer was the initial project name internally with our play tests groups. It evolved into CORE RPG over time. It was used mostly to distinguish between versions we were running in parallel with different groups to test the rules under different circumstances.

    Zweihänder will be the published version.

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    AH OK, it looks like a nice cleaned up version (from the little I can see on the forums). Be very interested once you get to BETA stage, though I won't be able to play test I will certainly cast my eye over.

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    I really like the WFRPG 2e and Dark Heresy systems. I would like to check this out if possible. I don't have a lot of experience running/playing WHRPG stuff but we are in the middle of a DH campaign.

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    That's cool. I really like WHFRP both 1st and 2nd edition, though 2nd edition seems a really cleaner and more consistent edition. I have 3rd edition sitting on my shelf, but I haven't gotten to read it yet.

    WHFRP was one of those games where in chargen, I loved to roll up whatever I got and I would play. Got a camp follower? I'm down with that. Got a rat catcher or charcoal burner? Cool! Didn't matter to me, it was just that much fun.

    How do you pronounce the name of your game?

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    I have officially commissioned Outland Creative (Outland Creative |) to create the look and feel of ZWEIHÄNDER!

    Note that some of the illustrations are going through revisions, but should give you a look into the "grim and perilous" nature of ZWEIHÄNDER's design:

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    very impressive stuff

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    One of my favorite items that WFRPG 2e offers is the Fortune and Fate Point system. It provides a "get out of jail free" card for rolls and situations that result in maiming or death, gives options to tempt fate with a re-roll and most importantly, gives players a sense of hope against terrible dice results. WFRP 3e further evolved this into the Fortune pool. But it still didn't get a few things right (like the group dynamic contribution and player punishment system that's engendered into the rules).

    Using this as inspiration, I've redefined the way Fortune works, eliminating the need to track Fate points whatsoever. It needs to stay "grim and perilous", while embracing the group dynamic. This is the sort of way I envision the function of Fortune working in ZWEIHÄNDER.

    Here's what we've adopted around the table for our play testing. I'd love to get your feedback on it!

    The Fortune Pool
    Fortune is not only the function of the individual, but also group dynamic. At the beginning of a session, each player contributes Fortune Points to the pool, based on what tier they are in their Profession (Basic Tier contributes 1 FP, Intermediate Tier contributes 2 FP and Advanced Tier contributes 3 FP).

    Fortune can be used in several ways:

    1) A player can use a Fortune Point to re-roll a failed skill or damage roll, as long as it's not a critical failure. Fortune Points cannot be used in this manner if the player fails the re-roll.

    2) A player can use a Fortune Point to force the GM to re-roll a successful skill test or damage roll, as long as it's not a critical success. Fortune Points cannot be used in this manner if the GM succeeds the re-roll.

    3) A player can use a Fortune Point to gain 1 Action Point. Fortune Points cannot be used to gain more than 1 Action Point per turn.

    4) A player can use a Fortune Point to escape maiming or death. However, a player cannot use more than 1 Fortune Point in this manner per session.

    Fortune "refreshes" during the session whenever the players successfully conquer a session-based obstacle, adding a number of Fortune Points back to the pool equal to the number of players around the table. This can range from winning a combat encounter, succeeding a social encounter, conquering a major environmental obstacle that required players to test their skills or any other sort of situation the GM deems as a story or session-based challenge. This helps extend the use of the Fortune Pool for long sessions.

    Similarly, a GM maintains his own Fortune Pool. He receives 3 Fortune Points at the beginning of each session, to be used in the same manner that the Fortune Pool functions for players. However, unlike the player's Fortune Pool, his never refreshes during the session.

    Fun ways Fortune Points can be tracked is using a bowl with wrapped candy in it. One of our players introduced Rollos candy to track, and it's sort of became a weird dice ritual to eat the Rollo before re-rolling (or "re-Rolloing" as he likes to call it).

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