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    Images are finally wrapped up for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG! While Milena and Dejan continue working on perfecting layout, I wanted to share the second draft of our fully illustrated Bestiary - all 157 pages of it! Although we are still working on optimizing composition, arranging borders, font changes and image facing, this should give you a good look at what we're trying to achieve... 'old school feel, new school appeal'.

    Note that this is a low resolution version and that the headers/borders will be changing in the final version. Let us know what you think: https://goo.gl/MCC5LA

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    The bestiary is awesome, can't wait to see the full res version

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    With your feedback from our forums at Strike to Stun, Facebook and here on Kickstarter, the book is now complete. All the I's are dotted, T's crossed, edits done, cuts made, clarity added and improvements galore. It's been a phenomenal amount of work - far more than we had anticipated - but we couldn't have gotten there without your help. Thank you so much for being an engaged and interactive community!

    So here's where we're at: this weekend, Adam Rose (our lead playtester) and I are going to finish up our table of contents. Once this happens, we'll repackage everything for Milena using InDesign, and have her prepare the Early Access Illustrated v2 PDF file for distribution the following week. We'll update our backers - both on Kickstarter and CrowdOx - with where to download. While that's happening, I will be sending off the PDF to Lulu.com (our printer) to have a few galley proofs made for myself and Tanner (roughly a week to get one made and in-hand). This is to ensure that everything meets our criteria and that the colors are correct for the cover art. I anticipate that it will take us a few days to do a quick read and verify all is in place. Once Tanner gives me the go-ahead, I will then pass off the PDF to our shipment team. We have contracted one of our internal play testers (Mike 'The Boss' Bossaller) and a group of trusted individuals to plug in orders for us. The shipments will go out in phases over a period of 3-4 weeks, starting first with domestic orders in North America, followed by international shipments.

    So there you have it! Thanks once more for your patience. It's been a wild ride, and I am super pumped to show you what five years of playtesting can produce: the world's first Kickstarter-funded Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay loveletter/heartbreaker/OSR/retroclone/whatever you want to deem it as.

    Head over to Kickstarter to see some additional artwork: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/1852242
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    One of the big reasons I got in on this was the art, I'll probably never get to play it, and was only a passing warhammerite but the British humor and awesome art always got me

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    Everything is now over to layout to prepare the PDF to release.

    I will have an update here in the next week when it's ready to pass out. Keep your eyes peeled here and on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/grimandperilous/

    edit: As a clarification, the PDF will go out to everyone while we wait for our galley proofs from the printer. Once we okay the proofs, we will begin shipping. In addition we will be working on a "living index" on our home website, and free supplemental print-outs. Finally, we will also be preparing our files for POD at DriveThruRPG a week or so after we ship.
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    We are almost ready! Just a few final touches to put on the cover (including the WHY BUY ME?
    text). The fully-illustrated PDF will be incoming soon...


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    ZWEI fans!

    We got everything over to CrowdOx, and for those who qualify, you will receive a new digital fulfillment email to the registering email address in the next few hours. This email will contain a link to the illustrated PDF for you to download. The illustrated PDF includes several optimizations:

    * "Interactive" bookmark-driven navigation in the PDF
    * Completely revised Table of Contents
    * Completely revised layout
    * Font optimizations
    * Errata from the Early Access PDF added
    * Rules clarifications galore
    * An Index that would put your favorite Uncle Siggy's war hammer to shame
    * All-new "Order & Chaos" borders by Dejan Mandic
    * Over 500 (!) beautiful illustrations by our art director, Dejan Mandic
    * The official front & back cover by Jussi Alaurahio
    * Easter eggs - a lot of them! If you find one, let us know over at Strike To Stun!

    We also intend to release an unillustrated PDF for free to everyone, following our Kickstarter stretch goals.

    For those who are expecting physical books: we expect to have the second round of proofs by early next week. I will have more information on the print version once we have reviewed the proofs.

    Happy gaming, and let us know what you think (errors, praises, display issues, whatever) over on this thread:


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    We have uploaded the final version of ZWEIHÄNDER GRIM & PERILOUS RPG 'Early Access v2' PDF across CrowdOx and DriveThruRPG. This includes all rules fixes since the Early Access v1 was released last year, featuring a leaner PDF, a new layout, updated borders and more. No additional changes will be made to the Early Access v2 document. Watch your inbox for a notification email from CrowdOx, where you can download the file.

    If you previously downloaded the Early Access Version 1 prior to April 28th 2017, you'll want this version.
    Alternatively, you can head to DriveThruRPG to download the file outside of CrowdOx (which is still free/pay what you want): http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/...ARLY-ACCESS-v2

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    Daniel Fox here.

    Today, we migrated all our digital download operations away from CrowdOx. All digital downloads are now stored over at DriveThruRPG and sister sites RPGnow.com: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/...G-FULL-VERSION

    All Kickstarter and CrowdOx backers received an email this morning from DriveThruRPG's servers. Within, they'll find instructions on how to download the final illustrated PDF version of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG. Backers can can download this file now, or at any time by simply accessing Your Library at the top of DriveThruRPG's navigation panel. Both 150dpi and 300dpi PDF versions has been made available.

    Please help us spread the word by giving us an honest, critical review of ZWEIHÄNDER over at DriveThruRPG. If you didn't have a chance to back ZWEIHÄNDER, fret not: you can now download both the free version of the unillustrated PDF and the paid illustrated version, too.

    Unillustrated Early Access v2: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/...ARLY-ACCESS-v2

    Illustrated Final v2: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/...G-FULL-VERSION

    The print version will be ready by early June as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Thanks, and happy gaming!

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    Gamemasters! Are you interested in building a setting for your ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG? One of our backers (known as Your Humble Game Master on YouTube) has started a web series on world building, using ZWEIHÄNDER.

    Today, he starts the series with Part 1: Assumptions:


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