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    Encumbrance seems to be one of those items a lot of games make a fuss over. Furthermore, it becomes a point of contention ofttimes. ZWEI proposes a super simple system that is simple and easy, with a few general guidelines -

    Encumbrance is a measure of how much a character can carry with them. It isn't necessarily a measure of how much weight a character can haul around, as encumbrance defines how a character handles items without impeding his or her ability to perform physically. It relies solely on a few basic rules, and the GM makes judgement calls otherwise:

    Every character has a number of encumbrance "slots", equal to his or her Strength bonus.

    Any reasonably large item, such as armor, a shield, a sword, a two-handed sword, a bow with quiver, a polearm, a backpack full of miscellaneous gear, a bedroll, tent or otherwise, takes up one slot each.

    Awkward or particularly heavy items, such as 10' ladders, a stone idol, a wagon wheel or otherwise, cannot be hauled without being encumbered, despite the character's strength.

    Things small enough to be carried in one's pockets or a pouch do not take up a slot. Knives, throwing axes and the like can be paired together in groups of 3, taking up one slot.

    Reasonable assumptions trump basic rules under these circumstances. Just because armor takes up one slot, doesn't mean someone with a 7 Strength bonus can carry 7 suits of armor.

    For every additional item a character carries beyond their maximum allotment, they suffer a cumulative -10% to Athletics and Coordination.

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    The last batch of concept art for the Professions has come in. We're now up to 62 Professions for the core book! I recommended several changes to the artist this morning, but they definitely come closer to the feedback I've received from everyone. Take a look!


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    That is pretty awesome art, can't wait to see the finished product

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    Adherent, Alchemist and Courtier

    I've been working on profession descriptions this evening, and I thought I'd share. Although they do not include the characteristics, skills, talents, traits and the like I believe the descriptions are evocative, and give a clear indication to the tone of the book. It also includes the final black and white images for the three professions.



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    One thing I feel was always missing from tabletop RPGs was a way to track events over the course of a campaign that denoted narrative changes, above and beyond any sort of cataloguing or note taking players and GMs make outside the game.

    Zweihänder assumes that earning these sort of narrative bonuses (or narrative penalties) are just as important to track as characteristic bumps, earning new skills and opening up new talents for your character. Having this for immediate reference helps guide players to find a voice and act in a manner that illustrates the character's trials, tribulations and the invariable effects they have on their character's life.

    In that, I have begun working on a series of traits that are tied directly to the story, which are given out by the GM or cooperatively picked with the players during character creation or over the course of a campaign. Since there isn't truly a general rule for numeric-based bonus in reference to these traits, the GM will always be the final arbiter of their direct benefits or penalties. Most of the time they will be situational, and its encouraged to leave them fast and loose in their description so players and GMs don't feel their hands are tied when they want to tap into these traits around the table.

    Here's a look at a handful of those which we've used in our play tests. This is by no means complete, but I'd love to hear your suggestions for additional Story Traits!


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    Some of the final inks have come in. I am very please with how they turned out!


    Left Top: Footpad
    Right Top: Forester
    Left Bottom: Gambler
    Right Bottom: Gaoler

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    I thought I'd share a scan of one of our player's character sheets. This is for revision 4, which is pretty close to the final version. The character sheet is a mock-up; the finished version I am working with gitzmansgallery.com with. The player isn't the best at spelling, but it's the cleanest scan I could find amongst the playtesters.

    His character Chauncey, a sellsword, is nearing the end of his basic tier now. It also highlights some of the core focuses in ZWEI; Story Traits, Personality Traits and the influence of events of order and chaos have an effect on the mindset of the character. They provide guidelines to help players find a voice for their character, and show milestones prior to and during their character's life that have shaped their personalities.

    Feedback and criticisms welcome!


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