Cartographer Christopher West has just launched a Kickstarter page - his first in half a year - for three new sci-fi map products.

The Mass Transit IV poster details a unique starship in exquisite detail, mapping both floors of the twin-deck ship (complete with ventilation ducts and detachable cargo module) and displaying the hull surface of the ship, all on a 1-inch grid for miniatures gameplay. Few ships in all of science fiction have been given this treatment, making "The Nova Eclipse" a rare gem for sci-fi adventuring.

The Alien Starship Tiles are a set of 12 double-sided terrain cards that can be mixed and matched to create countless variations of living, organic starships. Build a derelict invasion fleet and let the bug hunt commence! Also useful if your adventuring party gets swallowed by a gigantic creature...

The Deck Space poster map and bonus sheet of cargo tiles present an open field of deck plating on a 1-inch grid, that can be used as the basis for a custom encounter layout. The reverse side features a set of customizable railway tracks that matches my Mass Transit series, allowing you to seamlessly add on to the existing map series with your own designs.

If his funding drive reaches its primary goal, only the Mass Transit IV poster will be printed--but if he doubles the goal, the Alien Starship Tiles get printed as well, and join the reward options. Likewise, if he can triple the funding goal, all three items see print, and all three items become available to backers. Everything that is produced through this Kickstarter drive ships free to backers worldwide, and all backers get PDF copies of each product that gets unlocked. There will also be bonus rewards like custom dice or additional PDF files if the funding passes various benchmarks. The project has until March 5th to fund the printing of these new products.