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    Combat Reports on the Best 3rd Lvl Spells

    Im an Illusionist specialist and we have a Sorceror in the group as well... we will in todays session get our 3rd level spells... was wondering what most would recommend choosing. (No Forgotten Realms stuff thou)

    My dillema is if we should vary spells... fireball is nice and so forth but both getting it seems unecessary. Am I wrong ?

    For my Illusion "slot" I thought Displacement is too limited... rnds per level only. So Invisibility 10' rad is better no ?

    Other non illusion spells I thought were neat:

    Slow Stinking Cloud Dispel Magic Haste Ice Burst Lightining Bolt

    Would like comments on the usability of Lightning Bolt, Ice Burst (d4+1 per lvl vs d6 fireball), Slow spell. Is fireball to hard to use once melee is joined ? Want "combat" reports on these spells... especially use vs NPCs.
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