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    [LPF] Dwarven Crusade: Khuldun

    Leveling expectations
    I'll keep close track of encounter xp and time-based xp using Mowgli's Adventure Tracker. I will periodically post an image of the excel sheet so that you can advance any levels gained as soon as you have enough xp to do so, though if that comes in the middle of an encounter leveling will have to wait until the encounter is completed.

    This adventure is about the same length as Still Waters but since we only got through two of the seven planned encounters of Still Waters before veering of into another direction this will seem much longer. Depending on how long it goes, some of you, possibly all of you, will reach 7th level by the end.

    Adventure Tracking/Experience

    Part One (from the beginning of Dwarven Crusade up to the date PM spent DMC for Borric)

    Part Two and continuing...

    Treasure Awards

    Enc 1 - Kremuur & Trap: 3,900 gp (975 gp ea)
    Enc 2 - Neezhka challenge: 0 gp
    Enc 3 - Nighttime trap: 0 gp
    Enc 4 - Scorpion: 0 gp
    Enc 5 - Climb: 0 gp
    Enc 6 - Dwarven Wight: +1 Half-Plate, +1 Greataxe; (value 4,070 gp)
    Enc 7 - Derro: leather armor (x4) 10 gp, short sword (x4) 10 gp, repeating crossbow (x4) 250 gp, 20 bolts 4 gp, 20 poisoned bolts (medium spider poison) 3,004 gp. Total = 4,088 gp.

    Group Supplies:
    Passage from Hruthrip to Gist - 40gp
    Large Tent - 30gp
    7 days Rations Each (6 people) - 21gp
    100ft Silk Rope - 20gp
    4 Sunrods - 8gp
    Grappling Hook - 1gp
    Hammer & 10 Pitons - 1.5gp
    Shovel - 2gp
    8 Tanglefoot bags - 400gp
    Saw - .04gp
    String/twine - .01gp
    Periscope - 20gp
    light horse, war - 110 gp
    light horse, riding x2 - 150 gp
    riding saddle, saddlebags, bit & bridle x3 - 48 gp
    - 851.55 gp
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