If you missed our story about the unethical actions of Hillside Games, Asheville, you can read that here.

The Wyvern's Tale, which is the new, soon-to-be game store opening in the Asheville NC area, has posted an update on the situation:
We want to thank everyone for their support in this time, it has meant a lot to us. The past week has been difficult, but being able to come here and see everyone's supportive messages has made everything all the smoother.

But now we'd like to take the time to say that it's time to move forward. We have received no further communication from Hillside Games. We are abandoning any hope that the do...
main will be transferred to us. For now, Hillside has redirected www.thewyvernstale.com to www.wyvernstale.com, a site dedicated to a professional miniature painter. She does great work and if you're in the market for that sort of thing, we urge you to go take a look. If nothing else has come of this affair, at least she has gotten some new traffic, and hopefully new business. As long as the domains stay that way, we're content to leave it at that.

After researching the costs involved in disputing the domain, we determined that it would be pointless. Filing a dispute with ICANN is $1300 for 1 domain (and even more for all 6), and a lawsuit is even costlier, let alone the time involved. To pursue those avenues just to get a domain would be an absurd waste of our resources. We have better things to be doing. This game store needs to be open, and that's not going to happen if we waste all our time and money trying to get a domain. Yes, we goofed in not initially registering our domain. Lesson learned. Still, we believed the information should have been brought to light, and we did. But the public eye did not seem to sway Hillside's decision, and now it's time to move on.

We have registered
www.thewyvernstaleavl.com and we intend to use that for all purposes going forward. For now, it just redirects to this Facebook page, but we'll have an actual web site in the future, so go ahead and bookmark it!

We've also contacted both The Deck Box (Fletcher) and Gamer's Haunt (Weaverville) and we are, and intend to remain, on very good terms with them both. We're more than happy to cooperate with them and you may even see jointly-sponsored events from us in the future. Please, if you're looking for Magic or other CCGs, check these guys out. They're both very friendly and very helpful!

And don't forget, you can always come join us at
Firestorm Cafe and Books every Wednesday at 6pm for board game night! We will be giving demos of games every week, and you can always bring your own!

Now, we do have a game store to be getting open. The experience points have been doled out and dutifully marked on the sheet. Let's go find that next encounter! =)