Good sci-fi dramas with kids
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    Good sci-fi dramas with kids

    This quote from the Terra Nova canceled thread caught my eye:

    "I called it Swiss Family Robinson with Dinosaurs."

    It sums up for me a large part of the reason I didn't find the show appealing - I've rarely found family dramas with young children interesting, and I can't think of a single one that was also a sci-fi show.

    Sci-fi + families + teens can be fine. Eureka and Smallville, for example.

    But there seems to be something about a drama with very young kids as a prominent part of the show where the stories simply aren't as interesting, gritty, gripping...something. I suppose one could point to cartoons, but the ones I've seen with kids as the protaganists are aimed primarily at kids, not adults.

    So, is it just me (always possible ) or is there not a very large audience for sci-fi dramas with kids? Or for any drama with kids?

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    As the originator of the quote, I had to chime in.

    I think the problems with kiddie/teen protagonists in serious (non-comedic) sci-fi arise when they come off as hyper-competent or the adults get inexplicably dumbed down.

    I mean, yeah, I've known some amazingly precocious kids, and know there really are some "Doogie Howser" types out there, but when shows of any kind focus too much on the kids, the show can very easily lose its focus on plots & issues that matter to adults.

    Look at the (also cancelled) No Ordinary Family- that show had some good plotlines developing, and spread them out over all of the characters. The problem, IMHO, was that the super-parents didn't take the kind of steps many people thought they should in guiding their super-teens.

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    Earth 2 was good.

    Japanese animation has a tendency to present kids well. Look up series like Dennou Coil or Serial Experiments Lain.

    But yeah, there aren't all that many shows where it works well. Fantasy has the same problem. Well, there's Game of Thrones now. On the horror side of things American Gothic did well. But that was just Lucas Black doing his thing.

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