Gomez's Masks of Nyarlathotep RG & Clues
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    Gomez's Masks of Nyarlathotep RG & Clues

    My players can put their character sheets here and I will post clues, evidence, and other game information here for quick reference.

    I will also keep track of the player characters condition here.

    Doctor Hercules Malliotte
    Hit Points: 19
    Magic Points: 10
    Sanity: 50

    Timothy Howard
    Hit Points: 16
    Magic Points: 14
    Sanity: 70

    Jeffery Elias
    Hit points: 15
    Magic Points: 13

    Edward "Face" Pierson
    Hit Points: 16
    Magic Points: 13
    Sanity: 65

    Donovan Bailey
    Hit Points: 19
    Magic Points: 16
    Sanity: 80
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    Block Voda Vosa

    Doctor Hercules Malliotte

    General description:
    Renown by his medical skills, Doctor Malliotte has an inquisitive nature and a keen eye for all things natural. He recognizes when something is not right in a person, spotting syntoms of illness and disease with ease. He also knows how to treat those problems, and has an extent list of formulas of his own invention to combat microbes. Hercules is big and bulky, and quite athletic for a man his size.

    Hercules Malliotte was born in Belgium to a French father and Belgium mother. His size at birth and his resolve and tirelessly acticity was what own him his name. As a young boy, his interest for the natural world was evident, and it developed and branched, as Hercules delved in the depths of chemistry, biology and medicine. Ultimately, he graduated with honours from a prestigious university, and earn a name for himself, as the famous Belgium Doctor.
    It was, well advanced in his 40s that he came in contact with Jackson Elias. He was a writer and studious of Death Cults, and visited Belgium to learn about the death rites of the Gauls. He was suffering some strange disorder in his gut, Malliotte pinpointed it as an intestinal parasite. With the proper medication, Elias's parasite was eliminated, allowing the good man to follow his journey. Since then, both men have shared extensive written correspondence, as they enjoy the profesional practices of each other. Recently, something in Elias's letters has began to puzzle Hercules. He doesn't know yet, but he is going to see the world around him change so quickly and drastically, that the mere pillars of reality will seem unstable, and about to topple...

    Occupation: Physician
    Sex: Male
    Age: 42
    Education: Degree and PhD in medicine.


    Strength: 11
    Constitution: 13
    Intelligence: 15
    Education: 13
    Appearance: 8
    Power: 10
    Size: 14
    Dexterity: 16

    Secondary abilities:

    Idea: 75
    Knowledge: 65
    Luck: 50
    Magic points: 10
    Damage bonus: 25 (+1d4)
    Hit points: 19 (13/3=4.3=5 +14)
    Sanity: 50

    Skill points: 195
    Hobby skill points: 150

    Skill points: 195 total
    Hobby skill points: 150 total

    Skill allocation
    Points Base Total
    Dodge 20 (32) 62
    First aid 30 (30) 60
    Biology 60 (01) 61
    Chemistry 60 (01) 61
    Craft phar 65 (05) 70
    Pharmacy 60 (01) 61
    Language -- (65) 65
    Woodeaxre 40 (20) 60
    Handguns 10 (20) 30

    Equipment: Simple white shirt and brown suit grab, woodaxe, Luger pistol, box of bullets, notepad, pencil, first aid kit.

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    Timothy (Tim) Howards
    Occupation: Songwriter (musician)
    Education: A few university classes.
    Birthplace: New York City
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28

    Str: 7; Dex 8; Int 9; Idea 45; Con 14; App 6; Pow 14; Luck 70; Siz 12; San 70; Edu 14; Know 70

    Magic Points 14
    Hit Points 16

    Skills: Art (Music) 75%, Bargain 40%, Dodge 16%, Fast Talk 70%, Listen 70%, Weapon (Handguns) 75%

    Equipment: In-style clothes, pack of cigarettes, lighter, revolver, box of bullets, notepad, pencil.

    Living primarily in New York City for the majority of his life, Tim Howards has made his living as a songwriter for a moderately successful publishing house in Tin Pan Alley. He has, however, recently fallen on tough times due to his recent "obsession" as he boss would say with the jazz music heard in the speakeasys. Adding jazz-influenced beats and rythyms to his sheet music, his last four compositions have been rejected, even the one that was more in tune with his earlier work.

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    Jeffery Elias

    Jeffery (Jeff) Elias
    Occupation: Unemployed Street Rat
    Education: Elementary school.
    Birthplace: New York City
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17

    Str: 11; Dex 15; Int 11; Con 11; App 8; Pow 13; Siz 11; Edu 11
    Idea 55; Luck 65; Know 55; San 65

    Magic Points 13
    Hit Points 15
    Damage Bonus: None

    Skills: Climb (63%) ; Conceal (71%) ; Dodge (70%) ; Jump (32%) ; Knife (60%) ; Locksmith (75%) ; Sneak (70%) ; Spot Hidden (60%)

    Equipment: Cloth, Switchblade, pack of cigarettes, matches.

    Jeff is a young street rat. His father died several years ago in a factory accident and his mother fell to despair, agony, alcoholism and finally insanity. Without setting his foot once at high school, all he knows is the experience one taught in the streets of NY. He is a slim fellow but agile. He is Jackson Elias's only nephew and living family member.

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    STR 14
    CON 14
    POW 13
    DEX 9
    APP 4

    SIZ 13
    INT 13

    EDU 12
    SAN 40

    Characteristic Rolls
    Idea (INT x5) 65%
    Luck (POW x5) 65%
    Know (EDU x5) 60%

    Damage Bonus +1d4

    Max Sanity 99

    Derived Characteristics
    Hit Points 18 [Size + (Con x 1/3)]
    Magic Points 13
    Current Sanity 65


    o Accounting (10%) ______     o Law (05%) ______
    o Anthropology (01%) ______   o Library Use (25%) ______
    o Archaeology (01%) ______    o Listen (25%) ______
    Art (05%):                    o Locksmith (01%) ______
    o ________________ ______     o Martial Arts (01%) ______
    o ________________ ______     o Mech. Repair (20%) ______
    o Astronomy (01%) ______      o Medicine (05%) ______
    o Bargain (05%) ______        o Natural History (10%) ______
    o Biology (01%) ______        o Navigate (10%) ______
    o Chemistry (01%) ______      o Occult (05%) ______
    o Climb (40%) ______          o Opr. Hvy. Mch. (01%) ______ o Sneak (10%) ______
    o Conceal (15%) ______        o Other Language (01%):       o Spot Hidden (25%) ______
    Craft (05%):                  o _______________ ______      o Swim (25%) ______
    o ________________ ______     o _______________ ______      o Throw (25%) ______
    o ________________ ______     o _______________ ______      o Track (10%) ______
    o Credit Rating (15%) ______  o Own Language (60%):         o ________________ ______
    Cthulhu Mythos (00) ______    o _______________ ______      o ________________ ______
    o Disguise (01%) ______       o Persuade (15%) ______       o ________________ ______
    o Dodge (18%) ______          o Pharmacy (01%) ______       o ________________ ______
    o Drive Auto (20%) ______     o Photography (10%) ______    o ________________ ______
    o Electr. Repair (10%) ______ o Physics (01%) ______        o ________________ ______
    o Fast Talk (05%) ______      o Pilot (01%): Firearms
    o First Aid (30%) ______      o _______________ ______      o Handgun (20%) ______
    o Geology (01%) ______        o _______________ ______      o Machine Gun (15%) ______
    o Hide (10%) ______           o Psychoanalysis (01%) ______ o Rifle (25%) ______
    o History (20%) ______        o Psychology (05%) ______     o Shotgun (30%) ______
    o Jump (25%) ______           o Ride (05%) ______           o SMG  (15%)
    Edward 'Face' Pierson came (like so many young men and women) to Los Angeles. Other than most, he had everything that was needed. He wasn't dumb, was tall, but not freakish so, had a great physique and (his greatest asset) a really handsome face.
    All he lacked were contacts. To get one leg into the industry, he started to take jobs as a stunt man, hoping to be 'discovered' by someone important. Just as it looked liked his plan begin to bear fruits, the accident happened. He doesn't like to talk about it, but he now got a face that could stop a bullet... almost literally, as steel plates were used in the reconstruction of it.
    Succumbing some time to the bottle, he heard of the project of an old friend.
    Edward (still called 'Face', but now for a different reason) got his things together and applied to the film. He is now back in business, at least as stunt man. Perhaps for more...

    Elias did a little screen writing to pay the bills.He and Face both worked on the film "Treasure Island" in 1920 and became friends.

    Edu 12 x 20 = 240
    ATHLETE: Climb, Dodge, Jump, Martial Arts, Ride, Swim, Throw, and any one other skill as a personal or era specialty.

    Climb +20 (60%)
    Dodge +57 (75%)
    Jump +35 (60%)
    martial Arts / Fist +25 (75%)
    Ride +25 (30%)
    Swim +25 (50%)
    Throw +3 (28%)
    Personal interest (Fast Talk) +50 (55%)

    0 unspent

    Int 13 x 10 = 130

    Drive Auto +10 (30%)
    Falling +35 (45%)
    First Aid +10 (40%)
    Listen +25 (50%)
    Rifle +25 (50%)
    Spot Hidden +25 (50%)

    0 unspent
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    Block Insight

    Curious Investigative Journalist

    STR 12
    CON 15
    DEX 16
    POW 16
    - Luck 80
    - San 80
    APP 16
    SIZ 11
    INT 15
    - Idea 75
    EDU 19
    - Know 95

    Damage Bonus +0
    HP 19
    MP 16
    San Pts 80

    Age 35
    Racial Origin Caucasian
    Nationality American
    Education Bachelors Arts (English) Columbia Univ, Master's Arts (English Lit) Boston Univ, Master's Arts (Ancient History) Boston Univ
    Height 5'11"
    Weight 180lbs
    Hair Black
    Eyes Blue

    Ancient Egyptian 75%
    Anthropology 20%
    Archaeology 25%
    English (Native) 95%
    Fast Talk 75%
    Greek 60%
    History 75%
    Library Use 75%
    Listen 40%
    Occult 31%
    Persuade 75%
    Photography 42%
    Psychology 45%
    Spot Hidden 40%

    Annual Income $10,000
    Assets $50,000
    - $5,000 is banked
    - $5,000 is in stocks and bonds.

    Donovan "Donnie" Bailey was born in New York City, a stockbroker's son, and spent most of his young adult life either in New York City, Long Island, or at the family's estate in Birmingham, Vermont. Donnie followed in his father's footsteps and went to Columbia University, where he first majored in economics. The thought was that Donnie would go into the brokerage business, like his father. Midway through his sophomore year, however, Donnie had a change of heart. Donnie fell in love with the humanities: art, music, history, and literatire. He imagined himself a professor of antiquities, or perhaps a great author. Much to his family's chagrin and embarassment, Donnie graduated Columbia with a degree in English. He left New York City with a job offer as a staff writer at the Boston Globe.
    In Boston, Donnie rose in the ranks at the Globe and also married Eleanor Ruth, a distant relation to the baseball star, Babe Ruth. Donnie was sure to find his measure of fame and fortune as a journalist. He added a heavy school workload, attending Boston University. he attained two master's degrees, one in English Lit and one in Ancient History. Donnie dreamed of traveling to Egypt and Greece and investigating the ruins there. But then, fate took its turn. Eleanor, pregnant with the couple's child, died in a car accident on the way to the hospital. Despondent, Donnie took the loss very hard. His work suffered and he took to the bottle. Within six months, Donnie was fired from the Boston Globe and was on a downward spiral to oblivion.
    It was during a typical drunken binge that Donnie found himself in an alley in downtown Boston. In a trashcan, Donnie found a half-burnt copy of some book in German. The book made Donnie curious; its cover was a fine leather and the face of it bore gothic lettering. Donnie had seen books like this before - not in back-alley trashcans, but in some of the great libraries of Europe.
    Despite not knowing a word of German, Donnie was somehow intrigued with the book. He took it back to his dingy apartment and spent hours with a German - English dictionary, trying to decipher this strange book's contents. What Donnie uncovered was something fantastic and hard to believe. Donnie understood this work to be of the occult, of strange groups that worshipped heretical deities unknown to modern man. Donnie decided that he had found his life's true calling - to learn more of these unknown cults and bring that knowledge into the light.
    Recently, Donnie came into the possession of his great-uncle Lawrence's estate. The old man, a confirmed bachelor until the end, had no heirs and so, his estate was passed down to his nephew, Donovan Bailey. Lawrence Bailey was, like Donnie, a patron of the arts and interested in languages and history. Lawrence collected a great number of books and artifacts during his lifetime and Donnie has spent a great deal of time perusing the old books and cataloging the treasures left behind. One of the books that Donnie found was by the author, Jackson Elias, an acquaintence from Columbia. Donnie was rather astonished to find that Elias had a similar interest in the occult. Donnie began writing letters to Elias and they have corresponded for about a year now.
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