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    Who's given up on D&D Next?

    It sounded like a good idea at first. I thought that I might be able to just house-rule out the stuff I don't like and house-rule in stuff I do, and get something not too far from the system. Looking around, though, I really don't think it will be possible to unite the fractured fanbase this way, and that trying to please everybody will just result in smutto. On the other hand, if they don't try to please everybody, I'm probably going to be one of the people they don't try to please.

    Let's get a few things straight:
    I don't want D&D Next to fail.
    I'm not ranting about how awful 5e is going to be.
    I'm not criticizing anyone's personal taste or opinion.
    I don't think that D&D Next is going to fail.
    I have decided to just play the games I've been playing, since everything I currently want is already there.
    I am probably not the target audience for 5e, and I don't need to stick my opinion into everyone's face in an attempt to make myself the target audience.
    I don't want to discuss the future of D&D, or what D&D Next will be like.
    I originally posted this in General RPG discussion, but it was moved here anyway. Perhaps correctly, I don't really care. Please don't comment on the location of the thread.
    I believe that Mike and Monte are genuinely good guys who want what's best for the hobby, and I would like nothing more than for people to just accept each other's gaming styles and end the edition wars. I just don't think that adding another system is the way to do that.

    If I'm looking for a classic-style muscle car and the people building have mostly only ever made modern-style cars, and another one of those seems to be what most people want, then there is nothing irrational in the assumption that the end product isn't going to be what I'm looking for.

    I posted to see whether anyone else shared these opinions.

    I, Isaac Murphy, and my current character, Reverend W. Wilks, halfling cleric, have decided to stop participating in D&D Next. We feel no more need to play the 'official D&D game' than we did when D&D 4th came out, and D&D Essentials after that. It would be nice to get some token from Wizards that our style of play is supported, but that really isn't necessary. We wish only to play the great game in our own way, without, necessarily, any endorsement from or of Wizards of the Coast.
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