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    Quote Originally Posted by mkill View Post
    I've been trying to figure out what this year's April Fool's Joke on enworld is, but so far I didn't see one. Must be this thread here then.
    Nice !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dausuul View Post
    Is there a place to ask this?



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    I've largely given up hope that DnD:Next will be a game that I'll want to play, or that the "everything to everyone" mandate will actually work out. I'm paying attention more out of pure curiosity than anything. I like reading/thinking about game systems even if they're not part of full game I want to play. It's also fun to discuss what I'd want to see out of a new edition of DnD, even if I have little hope that I'll actually see what I want out of the new D&D.

    I think the cries of "over-reaction" in many replies to the OP are rather ridiculous. Nobody's burning their books, or swearing off all D&D forever. Just expressing a dissatisfaction with the direction that's been indicated so far, sufficient to believe that a desirable outcome is unlikely. The bar for that really doesn't need to be that high. If this weren't DnD, and was just some random game instead, would any of you expect someone to "give it a chance" if the vast majority of goals and known mechanic concepts were undesirable to them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew L. Martin View Post
    I think part of the issue might be that designers make horrible marketers--we saw some of this with 4E, and I think we're seeing it again, especially since they or some of the playtesters have sometimes used catchphrases or complaints that sound like edition war fodder.
    Can't stress this enough. I'd even split further:

    * DMing
    * game design
    * illustrating / layouting a game
    * marketing a game
    * running a game company

    ... are very different skills, and at best someone is good at one of them. Some of the biggest trainwrecks in the industry happened when someone good at one of them thought he could do the others as well. (No real life examples, please)

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    I predict that DnDN will have a typical roller coaster reception. That is, we'll get snippets and pieces presented in the best possible light leading to people becoming increasingly more excited about its release. People will then play it, there will be incredible enthusiasm, and then people will start to identify flaws or weaknesses and the perception will plummet (unfairly) low before rising and leveling off. It'll be a solid system with a mixture of strengths and weaknesses.

    Around this time with the 4e release we were getting these half-page long play test reports saying how it played so quick and every character was important and interesting at every level and we'd just have to play it to really understand how fun it was. They weren't wrong, 4e did deliver on most of those traits, but it turned out it lacked in some other areas and some folks found those other areas important. DnDN is going to be the same way. So I'll wait and see and enjoy the roller coaster until then because, to be honest, it is sort of fun to ride.

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