I'm moving on from playing SSI's Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds and am now delving back into my love of older DnD modules. I've become pretty good at the SSI Gold Box games, and found a website full of fan-made modules based on the original TSR adventures. Many of these modules are ones I've always wanted to play, but I can't find a group that wants to play old school adventures, and Google + doesn't work well in Qatar. So I've decided that I'm going to play through them using FRUA, but with advice and help from the ENWorld community.

So how did I go about making this happen?
Step 1: I downloaded DosBox, an emulator for Dos games. Links can be found at abandonia.com
Step 2: I downloaded FRUA, also from abandonia: Download Forgotten Realms - Unlimited Adventures | Abandonia
Step 3: I followed the directions on how to run FRUA modules using UAshell.exe as described here at rpgcodex.net: Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) thread | rpg codex > Now with extra t(w)its - https://twitter.com/#!/rpgcodex
Step 4: I downloaded the highly recommended classic modules converted by Ray Dyer and found here: Module Listing - Classic modules for the pc
Step 5: I ran the modules using uashell.exe and had a blast, using Ray Dyer's recommended adventure paths found here: http://therealm.flopsyville.com/Menu.htm

I've only played four or five of the modules so far, and only completed one. For continuity sake, Ray Dyer converted all of these modules into the 2nd edition AD&D ruleset typical for Gold Box games. I thought about doing a play by play based only on my own decisions, but I figure what is the fun in that when I can get ENWorlders involved? I'll give you my own run down on what I've tried so far and my thoughts, but I'm afraid that may sway you on which adventure path we should work on. We have a number of options to choose from, all based on the AD&D 2nd edition ruleset. Which adventure path should we throw our six hapless 2nd edition adventurers? Pick you poison:

The Southlands Adventure Path: (Average Total XP- 510,000)
Game 00, Introduction (Level 1)
Game 35, REF5, "Skeletons" (Level 1)
Game 27, U1, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (Levels 1-3)
Game 26, T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil (Levels 1-9)
Game 29, X1, The Isle of Dread (Levels 3-7)
Game 24, S2, White Plume Mountain, (Levels 5-7)
Game 20, I2, Tomb of the Lizard King (Levels 5-7)
Game 22, I7, Baltron's Beacon (Levels 5-7)
Game 33, X8, Drums on Fire Mountain (Levels 5-8)
Game 32, X7, The War Rafts of Kron (Levels 9-12)

The Westlands Adventure Path: (Average Total XP- 445,000)
Game 00, Introduction (Level 1)
Game 06, B8, Journey to the Rock (Levels 1-3)
Game 07, B10, Assault on Raven's Ruin (Levels 1-3)
Game R2, Night in Daelwyn's Rest (Levels 3-5)
Game 08, B11-12, King's Festival/Queen's Harvest (Levels 1-3)
Game 03, B3, Palace of the Silver Princess (Levels 3-5)
Game 04, B4, The Lost City (Levels 3-5)
Game 19, GA3, Tales of Enchantment (Levels 5-8)
Game 10, C2, Ghost Tower of Inverness (Levels 5-7)
Game 12, C4, To Find a King (Levels 4-7)
Game 12 Part 2, C5, Bane of Llewellyn (Levels 4-7)
Game 25, WG4, Lost Temple of Tharizadun (Levels 5-10)
Game 25 Part 2, S4, Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (Levels 6-10)
Game 21, I6, Ravenloft (Levels 5-7)

The Eastlands Adventure Path: (Average Total XP- 160,000?)
Game 00, Introduction (Level 1)
Game R10, R10 A Series of Mysterious Events (Level 1)
Game 05, B6, The Veiled Society (Levels 1-3)
Game 02, B2, Keep on the Borderlands (Levels 1-3)
Game 11, C3, Lost Tower of Castanamir (Levels 3-5)
Game 34, B5, Horror on the Hill (Levels 3-5)
Game 01, A1-4, Aerie of the Slavelords (Levels 6-8)
Game 09, C1, Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan (Levels 6-8)
Game 28, UK1, Beyond the Crystal Cave (Levels 4-7)
Game 31, X3, Curse of Xanathon (Levels 4-7)
Game 30, X2, Castle Amber (Levels 5-8)
Game R1, R1, Raethor's Prize (Levels 7-9)
Game 18, GA2, Swamplight (Levels 7-9)

There is also a final adventure path, but I don't plan to go down this one quite yet:
Game 16, FRQ2, Dragonspear Castle (Levels 10-12)
Game 36, REF5, The Dread Lair of Alokkair (Levels 11-13)
Game R3, Early Winter, Fires of Spring (Levels 12-14)
Game 37, Dungeon! A Board Game (Levels 12-15)
Game 14, CM8, Endless Stair (Levels 10-14)
Game 13, CM2, Death's Ride (Levels 12-14)
Game 38, H1-3, Bloodstone Wars (Levels 14-16)
Game 15, FA2, Nightmare Keep (Levels 16-18)
Game 17, G1-3, Against the Giants (Levels 18+)
Game 23, S1, Tomb of Horrors (Levels 10-14)

Or should we blaze our own trail and form a different adventure path? Please tell me your thoughts on where I should start.