This page lists any house rules we may be using.


Instead of recording your money, you'll be using plastic coins and fake gemstones. When you find treasure, you'll receive physical currency; when you buy things, you'll hand over the appropriate value.

The rule is "you have what you have". For values, see [campaign]Coin and Gem Values in Morrus' ZEITGEIST Campaign[/campaign]. You can also download a PDF of this information from the main campaign page.

Item Cards

Like with money, magic items are represented physically. Again, "you have what you have". So if you drink a healing potion, you hand over the card. If you give an item to another character, you hand the card to the player.

Adventurer's Pack

Rather than track cheap mundane items, you simply have an "adventurer's pack". This is represented by the backpack item card.

It contains any mundane item of 1gp value or less from the equipment section of the Pathfinder core rules. That includes things like hemp ropes, torches, rations, and so on.

The items have a resale value of zero. No, you can't open a shop selling the contents of an infinite adventurer's pack. Common sense applies.

Theme Feats

As described in the ZEITGEIST Players' Guide, you get one theme feat. Unlike the Players' Guide, you get this in addition to the two traits you'd normally get.