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    Rohna wheels her mount toward the lift. "We have no time to waste comrads. It takes some time for the lift to come when called. The assassin could just be waiting there for it." With a final look at the defeated thugs, the fighter gives her hammer a sharp twisting swing that sprays the ground with the blood that had built up on her blackened weapon during the scuffle.
    The dire boar under her snorts happily now that his hooves are once again covered in the blood his his master's enemies. His wiry tails swatting one of the few remaining ruffians (6) in the face, as he tosses his head from side to side and snorts.

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    Malehan doesn't wait and go after the assassin.

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    Alexia hurries after the others.

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    The undead knight follows the others.

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    With a couple quick words to the guards, the group hustles forward to the south lift. The lift is just returning to the upper tier, ready to transport passengers back to the middle tower. If the man in black used this lift, he got off just a few moments ago.

    perception 25
    From the edge of the crowd down below, you make out someone watching the lift. He takes note of the group of heroes before turning and making his way into the crowd. There is no doubt in your mind that the man in black waited to see if his thugs finished you off.

    perception 30
    As the man in black moves through the crowd toward the large building in front of the main street, his form shifts. He is now wearing the garb of the guardsman he sought to slay outside the Tavern Shard!

    Stats Update

    Czern Belog (E-27): 78/85; HS 13/15; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Chael: (E-24): 66/66; HS 12/12; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: +2 all defenses (Dusk)

    Dusk: (E-23): 33/33 AC 21 F 23 R 19 W 15 Bonus: +1 defenses if adjacent to Chael.

    Malehan (C-26): 66/68; HS 9/9; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Alexia Madgearu (E-26): 51/65; HS 11/11; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    kal-Tarron (F-24): 46/56; HS 7/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Venakhad (E-25): 59/59; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    (C23-D24): 76/76; HS 13/13; AP 1; Second Wind; Status;

    GM: Please double check the hit points and healing surges please. Still able to spend surges if you want while you wait for the lift. You're getting a short rest as you wait for the lift to raise and get you to the middle tower.

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    OOC: Passive Perception is 31...

    "There! He has changed his appearance, he has taken the shape of the guard he assassinated." tells Malehan before starting to move through the crowd toward his target.

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    As the party waits for the lift, kal'Tarron takes a second to clean and bind his wounds.

    OOC: one more surge ought to get me back to full health.

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    "I see him. He's mine. Chael says as she leaps off the tower to the level far below.

    *Dusk, get on the lift with the others.*


    Perception, natural 20 for a 36

    Chael uses her Daily power from her armor to fall and not take damage and not be prone.

    stat block

    Chael - Female Longtooth Shifter Hybrid Battlemind | Sentinel Druid
    Advantageous Conditions: 5 temp hit points at the start of all encounters (Psionic Vigor)
    Adverse Conditions:
    Initiative: +4 Passive Insight: 26 Passive Perception: 26
    Senses: Low Light Vision
    Power Points: 3/4
    HP 66/66
    Bloodied 33
    Surge Value 17; Surges Per-Day 12/12
    AC 28 Fortitude 23 Reflex 19 Will 22 Speed 5
    Currently AC: 31, Fortitude: 25, Reflex: 22, Will: 24

    Action Points: 1
    Second Wind: Not Used

    HP: 33 Senses: low light vision
    Speed: 6, Initiative: equal to Chael's
    AC: 21, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 19, Will: 15
    Currently AC: 22, Fortitude: 24, Reflex: 20, Will: 16

    At will:
    Battlemind's Demand
    Conductive Defense
    Forceful Reversal
    Magic Stone
    Melee Basic
    Mind Spike

    Camouflage Cloak
    Guardian's Counter
    Healing Word
    Longtooth Shifting
    Psionic Vigor
    Second Wind
    Wind Wall

    Aspect Of Elevated Harmony
    Wall of Thorns

    Trained: 11 Athletics, 13 Endurance, 16 Insight, 16 Perception
    Untrained: 2 Acrobatics, 5 Arcana, 4 Bluff, 4 Diplomacy, 9 Dungeoneering, 9 Heal, 5 History, 4 Intimidate, 11 Nature, 5 Religion, 2 Stealth, 4 Streetwise, 2 Thievery

    Hybrid Talent
    Heart of the Blade
    Melee Training (Wisdom)
    Mark of Warding
    Longtooth Spirit Shifter

    Magic Items:
    Belt of Vigor
    Boots of Fencing Master
    Amulet of Protection +2
    Twilight Heavy Shield
    Blood Fury Longsword +2
    Dragonrider Scale +3
    Siberys Shard of the Mage
    2 Potions of Healing
    Companion Defender

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    Alexia straightens her armor and wipes off her sword, humming quietly as she does so.

    OOC: Spend a surge, go to full. Also, Song of Rest lets surge-spenders heal an additional 5 hp per surge.

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    "As long as we wait, I can see to your wounds, kal'Taron. Open yourself to the glory of the goddess."

    OOC: kal'Tarron heals surge +1d6 + 7 , gains +2 to defenses TENT and every ally within 5 gains 5 thp (which go away immediately after short rest )

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