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    When one of the attackers falls to Venakhad's spell, the priest feels strangely nourished by the death. It is not a comfortable feeling.

    Alexia swings at her foe as she steps around him, but the assassin easily parries her attack. Scowling, she turns towards Venakhad and concentrates on his open wounds, stopping the loss of blood. Alexia redirects the physical trauma into Rohna, but it is doubtful whether the goliath even notices.

    When Venakhad kills Assassin 3 with Peacekeeper's Light I'll grant him 5 thp with Virtue of Valor, which prevents him from taking any real hp damage from his ongoing.

    Standard: Guiding Strike vs Assassin 6. Miss with a 19
    Move: Shift to E11.
    Minor: I don't know if Venakhad saved against the ongoing damage, but if he didn't: Ode to Sacrifice. Venakhad looses the ongoing 5 and Rohna gains it. I don't know if it replaces her old ongoing or whether the new stack immediately disappears, but if it's the former then Rohna also gains a +4 power bonus to saves against the ongoing.

    mini stat block
    Alexia Madgearu - Vryloka* Bard 8
    *Insight DC 29 to notice she's not human.
    Initiative: +4 | Passive perception: 20 | Passive Insight: 22
    AC 25 | F 20 | R 19 | W 22
    HP: 53/65+9 | Bloodied: 32 | Surge value: 16 (14 when bloodied) | Surges: 10/11
    Resist: 9 necrotic
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Common, Dwarven
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    MBA: +11 vs AC, 1d8+3, +2d6 on crit
    Powers: Cutting Words, Guiding Strike
    Lifeblood, Majestic Word (1/2), Words of Friendship, Essence of Death, Divine Challenge
    Shout of Triumph, Rally the Spectral Host, Unluck
    Stirring Shout, Satire of Bravery
    Inspire Confidence, Ode to Sacrifice
    Performer's Longsword, Screaming Drakescale, Symbol of Scorned Fate


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    kal'Tarron raises his holy symbol at the changeling in front of him. "You have offended my masters, you must die to make amends," he intones in a draconic dialect.

    Swinging his axe, kal'Tarron misses.


    Minor: OoE on C
    Standard: Bond of Retribution on C, with Bloodclaw (1d20+12=17, 1d20+12=19, 1d12+12=14) 19 vs AC: Miss, kal'Tarron takes 2 damage


    Wrath of the Divine (Immediate Reaction; daily)

    trigger: an enemy scores a critical hit. Effect: OoE target (within close burst 10) takes radient damage equal to damage I took

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHeadsBarking View Post
    When one of the attackers falls to Venakhad's spell, the priest feels strangely nourished by the death. It is not a comfortable feeling.

    Venakhad kills Assassin 3 with Peacekeeper's Light I'll grant him 5 thp with Virtue of Valor, which prevents him from taking any real hp damage from his ongoing.

    Venakhad didn't save, thank you for your help, but give thp to someone else, Venakhad (actually Ven, Rhona, Olaf, Manachan, kalTarron and Alexia) already have 5 thp and they don't stack

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    OOC: Virtue of Valor kicks in when the enemy dies, not during my turn, so the sequence will be as follows:
    • Enemy dies, Ven gains 5 thp.
    • Ven's turn starts, Ven takes 5 ongoing, which is absorbed by the thp.
    • Ven replenishes his thp with Healing Word.

    So this way Venakhad can avoid the ongoing damage altogether.

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    ooc: traveling for the next week, sorry for the delay

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    Czern nods at the avenger, and circles around to the back before barreling down on the assassin. He slams inti its chest, knocking the wind out of it and slowing it down.
    OOC: Move around to B12, then charge 6: Hit, 16 damage and slowed TENT.
    Immediate Actions
    Sorted in order of importance:
    - Opportunity Action (1/combatant): MBA if not marked and shift or attack not Czern while in aura: +17 vs AC (+19 if slowed/immobilized), 1d10+8 and stance effect; 2 damage on miss
    - Opportunity Attack (1/combatant): MBA +17 vs AC (+19 if slowed/immobilized), 1d10+8 and stance effect
    - Guardian's Counter: (Immediate Interrupt) If ally w/ 2 sqs. hit by attack that drop them/bloodies and Czern not also attacked: Czern and ally swap positions, Czern becomes target, and can make MBA after resolved; +16 vs AC (+18 if slowed/immobilized), 1d10+8 and stance effect
    - Unbreakable: (Immediate Reaction) Czern hit by an attack that would drop/bloody him: Reduce damage by 11.
    - Shield Block: (Immediate Interrupt) If Czern hit by attack that would drop/bloody him: Reduce damage by 1d10+6
    Czern Belog (Defender Aura; Defend the Line stance; +2 AC vs 6)
    Czern Belog—Male Karrnathi Undead Guardian Knight 9
    Initiative: +10, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 16, low-light vision
    AC: 26, Fort: 24, Reflex: 20, Will: 18 — Speed: 5
    HP: 58/85, Bloodied: 42, Surge: 21, Surges left: 13/15; Unnatural Vitality
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones: 0
    Powers -
    Battle Guardian
    Power Strike x2
    Guardian's Counter

    Defender Aura (active)
    Defend the Line (active)
    Cleaving Assault
    Hammer Hands

    Dark Reaping
    Glowering Threat

    Shield Block

    Strikebacks (encounter)
    Belt of Sonnlinor Righteousness (daily)
    Steadfast Amulet +2 (daily)

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    OOC: OK has everyone posted actions so 4M doesn't have to wait once he gets back?

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    GM: okay back and now with working internet. I will post update tonight!

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    Ambassador Attack, Round 6

    GM: Yeah, that took longer than expected to get this post ready.

    The changeling leader continues her vicious attack, wounding both avengers. The attack leaves Malehan reeling. The leader than shouts at the other assassins, "Finish the mission!"

    Then in a display of chameleon like shifting, right in front of Rohna and kal'Tarron, her form fades from view. Only three of the heroes can see past the attempt. However, while veiled from view, she shifts past the avengers and heads for the ambassadors.

    The assassin near Chael has the same plan, fading from view and moving past the shifter. The last two assassins miss Rohna and land a glancing blow on Czern.

    Round Summary

    Chael misses 2. Sustain thorn wall.

    Malehan hits changeling for 24.

    Venakhad hits changeling for 10 damage, heals Rohna for 29. Most everyone gets THP, which is good because it saves a lot of damage later.

    Rohna hits changeling for 19 damage, gains 10 THP.

    Alexia misses with guiding strike. Shifts ongoing damage to Rohna (replaces previous ongoing damage)

    kal'tarron misses changeling.

    Czern hits 6 for 16 damage, slowed TENT.

    Map Details

    Illumination: Normal.

    Brown squares are tables: difficult terrain.

    Map: here.

    Stats Update

    Czern Belog (D-12): 54/85; HS 13/15; AP 0; Second Wind; Status:

    Chael: (R-19): 66/66; HS 12/12; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Dusk: (M-24): 33/33 AC 21 F 23 R 19 W 15 Bonus:

    Malehan (I-10): 25/68; HS 9/9; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: dazed (save ends)

    Alexia Madgearu (F-12): 9 THP 53/65; HS 10/11; AP 0; Second Wind; Status:

    kal-Tarron (J-10):24/56; HS 5/8; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: bloodied

    Venakhad (G-11): 5 THP 26/59; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: bloodied

    Rohna (H-I, 6-7): 10 THP 47/76; HS 8/13; AP 0; Second Wind; Status; ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Olaf: 5 THP 74/85 HP

    Enemy Actions

    Changling Leader:
    Minor: Shapeshifter Feint vs. Malehan: 25 vs. reflex: success.

    Standard: Double Attack vs. Malehan and kal'Tarron: Rolls. Hit Malehan AC 30 (28+2 for CA) and kal'Tarron AC 31 for 22 + 3d6=14 damage for total 36 damage to Mal and 23 damage to kal. Malehan is also dazed (save ends).

    AP: Cloud Mind: close burst 5, +11 vs. will (rohna, malehan, kal'tarron, venakhad, czern, alexia). messed up first roll, 25 vs will roll for rohna. Rest of rolls are 18 vs. malehan (fail), 30 vs. kal'Tarron (success), 21 vs. venakhad (fail), 25 vs. czern (success), and 14 vs. alexia (fail). To those affected (Rohna, kal'Tarron and Czern) the changeling is invisible (save ends). Rolls.

    Movement: from I-6 to N-14

    Assassin 6: Recharge Assassin's Quarry: No. Minor: Shapeshifter Feint vs. Czern: 15 vs. ref: fail. Standard: Assassin's Longblade vs. Czern: Hit AC 31 for (10-1) 9 damage. Roll.

    Assassin 5: Bone Longsword vs. Rohna: Miss.

    Assassin 2: Minor: Shapeshifter Feint vs. Chael: 16 vs. refl: fail. Standard: Cloud Mind: 22 vs. will: success. Assassin 2 is invisible to Chael (only) as long as it sustains effect, attacks, ect. Movement: From S-18 to M-21.

    Assassin's Stats

    Leader: 26 AC ?? F 24 R ?? W
    Changeling: (N-14) Damage taken: 152 damage taken, bloodied

    Assassins: 23 AC ?? F 21 R 21 W
    2. (M-21) Damage taken: 11 marked (Chael), used Cloud Mind
    3. (F-13) Damage taken: 72 damage taken

    Assassins: 22 AC 20 F 20 R 19 W
    4. (D-11) Damage taken: 98
    5. (G-6) Damage taken: 46 damage taken, bloodied

    Assassins: 22 AC ?? F 21 R ?? W
    6. (E-12) Damage taken: 33, used Assassin's Quarry
    7. (J-11) Damage taken: 71 damage taken

    Assassins: 21 AC ?? F ?? R 18 W
    8. (D-11) Damage taken: 91 damage taken
    9. (E-13) Damage taken: 89 damage taken


    Aundair Ambassador: 16 AC 16 F 18 R 18 W
    Hit Points: 27/30

    Breland Ambassador: 16 AC 16 F 18 R 18 W
    Hit Points: 22/30

    Karrnath Ambassador: 16 AC 16 F 18 R 18 W
    Hit Points: 27/30

    Thrane Ambassador: 16 AC 16 F 18 R 18 W
    Hit Points: 30/30

    GM: Heroes are up!

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    As the changeling attack Malehan, he shrugs some damage. Ignoring the pain and the dizziness, he charge at the changeling and strike him, blocking him his way of escape. He then recover from the dizziness and start to feel the pain of the changeling last attack.


    Immediate Interrupt: Belt of Raging Endurance: damage is reduced by 15 => 40/68
    Standard: Charge to M14 => Overwhelming Strike (2d20.takeHighest(1)+16=27, 2d4+17=22) Hit for 24 damages, Malehan shift to M15 and Changeling is slided to M14
    End: Belt of Raging Endurance: Takes 10 damages => 30/68
    End: Save vs. Daze (1d20=17) Saved.

    To Players

    @.Players: Anyone who want can use this power for an attack roll of an encounter or daily power.
    Divine Guidance (Immediat Interrupt * Close Burst 10)
    Target: An ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target.
    Effect: That ally makes a second attack roll and uses either result.

    Immediate Actions

    @.DM: Also, during the monster turn, Malehan might use one of these interrupt. If more than one trigger is valid at the same time, use the first in list. Please note I might change the Triggering conditions.

    Great Hunger Falchion (Immediate Reaction)
    1) An enemy adjacent to you scores a critical hit against you.
    2) The enemy is not a Minion.
    Effect: Roll this weaponĺs critical damage dice (including any extra damage from the weaponĺs property => +2d8, add +2d4 for each critical rolled during this encounter) and deal that much damage to the triggering enemy.

    Belt of Raging Endurance (Immediate Interrupt)
    1) An enemy hits you and causes damage.
    2) Malehan takes 15 damages or more.
    Effect: You gain resist 15 against that attack, but you also take 10 damage at the end of your next turn.

    Malehan's Stats
    Elf - Avenger - 8
    Initiative +9
    Passive Insight 19; Passive Perception 31
    HP 68/68; THP 0; Bloodied 34; Surge Value 17; Surges Per-Day 9/9
    AC 26; Fortitude 18; Reflex 22; Will 22
    Speed 7
    Action Points: 1

    Current Effects: None

    Basic Attack: Overwhealming Strike Fullblade +15 vs AC 2d4+11 damage and you shift 1 square and slide the target 1 square into the space you occupied.

    Skills: Acrobatics +16, Nature +11, Perception +21, Religion +11, Stealth +15, Thievery +15
    Languages: Common, Elven

    [ ]Bond of Pursuit
    [ ]Overwhealming Strike

    [ ]Elven Accuracy
    [X]Oath of Enmity
    [ ]Channel Divinity (Abjure Undead or Close.pngDivine Guidance)
    [X]Takedown Strike
    [X]Centered Flurry of Blow
    [X]Angelic Alacrity
    [X]Sequestering Strike
    [X]No Respite
    [X]Refocus Enmity

    [ ]Aspect of Might
    [ ]Menacing Presence
    [ ]Soul Seeker

    [ ]Acrobat Boots [W]
    [ ]Symbol of Scorned Fate [E]
    [X]Belt of Raging Endurance [E]
    [ ]Great Hunger Falchion [D]
    [ ]Enduring Spirit Vestments [D]
    [ ]Cannith Google [D]

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