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    Quote Originally Posted by KarinsDad View Post
    OOC: Sorry Neurotic. I wasn't aware that your PC was often using telepathy to talk with us. I thought he could use it, but was unaware that he was using it. Chael would have responded that way a lot earlier. As for Kalashtar, it's an assumption that everyone knows about them. They look like humans and to blend in, many of them probably wouldn't use telepathy right and left. I was trying to stay IC there.
    No sweat, KD, I thought I made it clear...I always indicate telepathy with italics and mostly (I won't say always) I comment along the lines of mentally speaking...obviouly not. Vens backstory includes having his throat cut so he speaks in rough whisper and it is painful so he uses telepathy whenever he can (that is, he doesn't have full room of people to address


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    Quote Originally Posted by Velmont View Post
    "Oh yeah, the code word. I forgot about it. Each time I pass through a combat, it's just like a month have pass by." replies Malehan.
    Genius. I laughed out loud at work. I wish I could give you xp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonegod View Post
    The undead knight walks purposefully over to the Karrnath ambassador and looms over him, Czern's Karrnathi military dress impeccable save for the recent battle stains. You have failed the Wolf. See you do not fail further. Your child can yet be saved, but you must assist.
    The knight's words stir something in the Ambassador. He seems to rally his strength.

    "You're right. I have endangered others for my own weakness." He nods at his fellow ambassadors, "I will make amends. But you're right about my daughter, too. There is time to save her. I'm supposed to meet the kidnappers at dusk. They said they would bring her. I know it is a lot to ask, but could you save her? Could you save my poor daughter, an innocent citizen of Karrnath, ripped from her home in the middle of the night by these... monsters?"

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    "No guarantees ambassador, but Dusk and I will try. Slimey little kidnappers will rue the day they were born if I can do anything about it." Chael says passionately.
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    GM: Do you want to interrogate the changelings? The one awake one or do you want to arouse the unconscious leader?

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    "Czern, Alexia, starts questionning the pleading assaillant. I'll try wake their boss and see if he can't add new information after that." suggests Malehan, as he walks toward the leader he knocked off.
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    Alexia walks over to the kneeling assassin and crouches in front of him. She grabs his chin, forcing him to look into her eyes. "Listen to me," she says, speaking calmly and evenly. "You and your fellows don't need to die here. Tell us who sent you so we can save the child."

    ooc: Diplomacy 28.

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    kal'Tarron spends several moments calming his temper after the end of the battle. The tension as he resists him impulse to slay the subject of his oath. Eventually he turns away and bows his head in prayer, while cleaning his blade with the cloth of his sleeves.

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    Venakhad joins Alexia, gauging the leader of the assassins as she poses her questions.

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