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    The changeling, his assassin's disguise abandoned, meets Alexia's eyes.

    "Save a child? Yes. Someone needs to be saved."

    "They came to our village. I don't know how they found us..."

    He looks around at his fallen comrades.

    "We come from the village of Lost. In Droaam. Our village is special. It blends into the background. It moves us to safer places without us knowing we needed to move. Outsiders can't find us. But they did."

    Tears flow freely from his eyes and the changeling keeps talking.

    "They came with what seemed like an army of gnolls and ogres. They killed our chieftain. They started killing our children until we agreed to send our best hunters with them. They said they needed us to kill people. As insurance, they took the rest of our children with them."

    He pauses, "And now there is no hope for them. We failed. We doomed our whole village."


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    "Not if I can do anything about it. My temple was slaughtered to the man, children included. If I can help, I will. By the honor of Dol'Arrah, so I swear. And if it turns out you lie, you will wish it were true.

    Where is ambassadors child? And then, where do they keep your children?"

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    "OK, we just stop a war, but it seems not enough, we have the diplomat's girl to save and a whole village.

    For the village, we will need to find a village that move around by itself, sounds pretty easy. How about the Diplomat's child, where is she suppose to be?"
    asks Malehan, awaiting for the next good news.
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    Rohna was about to say something full of bravado and swagger to the changeling assassins as she dismounted, but by the time her black, steel-plated boots touched the ground she was confused again. "So I know I'm just a simple fighter, but let me get this right:"

    "The traitorous ambassador there only betrayed the ENTIRE LAND because someone stole ONE of his squealing get. These shape shifting assassins, who spent the better part of the last few minutes trying their best to kill us and most of the ambassadors of the WHOLE LAND, only did it because some slavering army of gnolls and ogres found their unfindable town and stole THEIR spawn? And it never crossed any of your minds to maybe ASK for help? This city crawls with heroes just begging to right the wrongs of the world and your first instinct is to plunge all of bloody Khorvaire into another bloody war? And folk call me short-sighted?"

    The rageblood fighter's knuckles are cracking audibly she is gripping her massive hammer so tightly by this point. Her crimson eyes and the ruby red crystal growths that protrude from the stony black flesh on her roughly hewn face are pulsing darkly in time with her heartbeat, which is speeding up dramatically the longer she takes to figure out why she almost just died several times. Steam is actually rising from the overlapping gaps in the littlest goliath's embossed black plate. Though those that have traveled with Rohna before know that her rymrfire plate just does that on its own, the effect is still quite a sight to behold as the fighter who uses her rage to drain the very life from her foes glowers at the retarded changelings with a death sentence in her glowing red eyes.

    She takes a couple heavy, menacing steps toward the gathered captives but seems confused again as a trickle of her dark blood continues to make its way down the side of her well muscled neck. Rohna scratches her nose with the edge of her shield, which makes noise exactly like metal being dragged over stone, and whispers out of the side of her mouth to her nearest companion. "Where was I?"
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    Alexia interposes herself between Rohna and the captives. While she speaks her eyes dart to the blood running down the fighter's neck, "You were condemning and threatening people who had made regrettable decisions under emotional duress while assuming they had many of the same perspectives and resources you do. I don't know what your experiences have taught you but I've found that, in general, most people are not willing to risk their life for a stranger's." Alexia looks up into Rohna's eyes, "We're something of an exception, yes?"

    She shrugs, "What's done is done. There's plenty of blame to go around, but let's wait until everyone's safe before we start parcelling it out. Oh, and you're still bleeding. You should tend to that."

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    "And to tell you the truth Rohna, if someone took one of mine, I would race off to save them, war or no war. The life of my tribe is precious. The life of other tribes, not so much. This can be seen repeatedly by the actions of the heroes that you have just extolled. Many of them kill at the drop of a helm when told that wrongs needed to be righted on the word of a total stranger."
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    Ambassador Milthane steps forward. "Your bravery is commendable. Based solely on the needs of others, you step forward and put your lives in danger. Commendable."

    He kneels down in front of the changeling. "Despite our differences, we have both been manipulated. From this day forward, I pledge myself to saving your village."

    He turns to the heroes, "I beg of you to go to the rendezvous with the kidnappers tonight. They took my daughter and sent these poor souls here to try to kill us. They will be the key to the source of this... insanity!"

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    "Just tell us where and when ambassador ."
    The first sign of a broken rule is when someone suggests that the way to stop it is by readying an action.

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    GM: I've been distracted, I'll update tonight.

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    The Ambassador sighs, "The Depths. They said walk straight out from the lift at Dura. Halfway across from the lift is a platform above a collection pit. They said meet them there."

    The changeling chimes in, "Aye, when we got here, the people we met were in the area called the Depths."

    GM: Everyone please give me a healing surge spend count and hit points. Remember you have healers and a bard in your midst. As many short rests as you want. Not enough time for an extended rest unfortunately.

    Here's what I had for stats at the end of combat:

    Stats Update

    Czern Belog (G-7): 54/85; HS 13/15; AP 0; Second Wind; Status:

    Chael: (M-22): 66/66; HS 12/12; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Dusk: (L-23): 33/33 AC 21 F 23 R 19 W 15 Bonus:

    Malehan (L-20): 6 THP 30/68; HS 9/9; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: bloodied

    Alexia Madgearu (F-11): 9 THP 53/65; HS 10/11; AP 0; Second Wind; Status:

    kal-Tarron (G-5): 31/56; HS 4/8; AP 0; Second Wind; Status:

    Venakhad (K-21): 5 THP 26/59; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: bloodied

    Rohna (M-N, 19-20): 10 THP 30/76; HS 8/13; AP 0; Second Wind; Status; bloodied
    Olaf: 5 THP 74/85 HP

    Of course, you hit a milestone, so everyone gets their AP back

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