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    Assassination! DM: FourMonos Judge: Renau1g

    Adventure: Assassination!

    1. Czern Belog, level 9 Knight, Defender
    2. Chael, level 8 hybrid Battlemind/Druid, Defender/Leader
    3. Alexia Madgearu, level 8 Bard, Leader
    4. Malehan level 8 Avenger, Striker
    5. Venakhad, level 7 Cleric, Leader
    6. kal'Tarron Alrahain, level 6 Avenger, Striker
    7. Rohna, level 8 fighter, Defender

    Recognition and Thanks

    First, as with my prior adventure in L4W, I would like to thank those that allowed me to participate in their games. The great leaders and story tellers, that made the PBP gaming fun. Apologies for anyone missed, but a special thanks to renau1g, SR, Mal, HMG, KD, dimsdale, jsb and JNC. I stole without shame their various rules, outlines and ideas.

    Second, this is my second adventure. It is as much a feeling out process for both you and me. If it goes well, this adventure has future plans to lead on an epic campaign to foreign and exciting lands. If we're not happy at its completion, it can stand alone and we part ways. I am in no way an expert on gaming, rules or DM'ing.

    Last: I'll try not to kill anyone except through the bad luck of dice. Good luck!


    Keep your Player Info Up to Date: Include mini stat blocks in your posts. Mini-stat blocks allow you to keep track of your own healing surges, power usages, acquired items, etc... without having to ask the DM all the time. It's not the end of the world if you forget, but please be sure to include it when you are posting an action block. It also make it easier for me to check basic stats.

    Example mini-stats:

    Triggers: Fox's Cunning Trigger - Immediate Reaction to the First Enemy that attacks me in melee
    Status: Bloodied
    Init: +5 Speed: 5 Perception:22 Insight: 20
    AC: 21 F/R/W:17/18/22
    HP: 30/61 Surges: 4/8 Surge Value: 15 AP: 1
    Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Draconic
    Str:8 Dex:14 Wis:14 Con:14 Int:10 Cha:22

    At Will - Jinx Shot, Cutting Words
    Encounter - Second Wind, Fox's Cunning, Twin Strike, Grappling Spirits, Hunter's Quarry, Majestic Word (0/2), Words of Friendship, Chord of Dissonance, Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade, Virtue of Prescience
    Daily - Arrow of Ill Omen, Arrow of Warning, Bracers of Archery, Inevitable Shot, Songbow of Vanishment, Warding Arrow

    Full Character Sheet

    Passive checks: I will use Perception and Insight and put information in private sblocks for certain players. If you are not one of the intended characters, please do not read these spoilers. The character, however, is welcome to, in character, reveal the contents of the spoiler to the others in game, remember that talking is a free action (but keep in short)


    Players roll initiative individually, bad guys roll one initiative roll
    Players with higher init than bad guys go first then all the bad guys go
    Then all the players go. From this point, we alternate players vs bad guys
    Good guy turns happen in first post - first acted order.
    Illegal post-overs will be resolved in that round
    Legal post-overs stand even if each didn't know the other was posting (Please use Go Advanced or Preview Post to avoid this)

    *I like KD's idea that players knocked unconscious will have some impact on their turn. Anyone knocked unconscious effectively goes first in the round (meaning rolling death saves, ect). Which means even if healed, you will be missing a round of action.

    DM Posts during combat will include:

    1. Status of all players, monsters, NPCs etc... indicating Name, Location, HP/MaxHP, State, Healing Surges Left, Action Points left (i.e.:: Arkavas I6 -1/41 Dying HS 0 AP 1).

    2. Map in the form of a grid with coordinates
    **I'll be using Google Maps, so if you don't have an account, get one. They are free**
    Google maps allows everyone to adjust their location on their turn and the power effects. If you have a power that moves, shifts of pushes, make sure you document all those effects in your post. I do not want to have people or monsters magically change without explanations.

    3. Enemy Mini Stat Blocks including: Damage taken, bloodied status, aura, effects, status effects and MBA. I like the format where monster defenses are revealed after you target/hit them, so we'll try that first. If you provoke an AoO or a listed power during your turn you can roll the result (it will make less work for the DM and give you a rapid response)

    Time: I will try to give players 48 hours to post, at the end of which time I reserve the right to RP the player's character on his behalf. I will use the most appropriate actions and At-Will powers only. I understand life happens and gaming shouldn't be anyone's only priority. Just understand that in the interest of everyone's enjoyment, your character will be moved forward to be in everyone's best interest if time lags too much.

    Exceptions: If you will be out for a long time and unable to post, please let the party know and assign responsibility to either myself or another, willing player for RPing your character, or I can write in a scenario that takes you out of the picture until your return (The former is preferred).

    Treasure: Keep a wish list on your character sheet up to date with what you would like, and Iĺll try to accommodate within reason. Items will be given relative to player level. Parcel Gold/Items will be evenly divided at the end.

    I will ask stupid questions about parcel distribution. It doesn't make sense at times, so I will have to get some clarification...

    Die Rolling: Roll your dice on Invisible Castle. If invisible castle is down, you can also use the Enworld Dice roller (but please select the SMALLER results in your profile) In IC, highlight the die roll in your post and use the 'Insert Link' button to post a link to your die rolls.

    Out of Character Content: Post out of character content (i.e.: complaints, tactics, mechanics, etc...) in a spoiler with the letters 'OOC' in the title or the OOC tag. I prefer as much discussion and conversation to occur in character with possible questions to the DM in ooc format.

    The game begins...

    If not for the recent wind, its possible that the adventurers would be more interested in the bottom of their cups than the activities outside the tavern. Yet, with their eyes open (except the female bard), they notice the single person hurrying in front of the tavern. The soldier, as no other term best applies, catches your eye as he hurries past the front windows. His face is etched in concentration, jaw set and focused in his hurried pace. The light glints off his chainmail armor, his blue cloak billowing out behind his frenetic pace.

    There is a brief moment when you realize something is wrong with the background crowd, but only in retrospect do you realize the movement of the man in black against the flow of foot traffic. The man in black's trajectory brings him directly in line with the hurrying soldier. Had it not been so deliberate, the mild collision could be thought an accident on a busy street.

    The timing of the collision is poor as it occurs directly outside the door to the Tower's Shard Tavern. There is a strangled cry, the guard's arm flails out, striking the door and opening it for those inside to clearly see the encounter. Shielded from the street, but clear to those observing, the man in black's dagger is embedded into the axilla of the soldier. His eyes dart into the tavern. Finding himself discovered, the man in black releases his grip and the soldier falls back against the door frame, sinking to the ground. As fast as he appeared, the man in black moves away from the tavern and up the street, heading west.

    GM: Please make your initial reactions and posts and then we'll get started. No you can not kill the man in black right now...
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