Hello: This is my first post.

Although I have known about this site for some time, I hadn’t begun to look at it in any kind of depth until quite recently when we began a War of the Burning Sky campaign. This in turn led me to this forum, which is an amazing resource. The sheer amount of hours spent by the various authors recording the exploits of their groups is astounding; as are some of the figures. Hundreds of thousands of views for some of these threads? And some of them go back years and are still going strong! I wouldn’t even want to begin to calculate the collective gaming experience on this board.

Anyway, as I mentioned, our group has just begun a WotBS game and as usual, we have also been keeping a journal of our progress through it so far. It has been great fun. Since this is such a receptive audience, I thought I would join in.

A few details about the group, PCs and game:

System is 3.5

Three players and one GM. Six PCs, with each player controlling two. PCs are:

Felix Terpin Human cleric
Longhelim the Farmer Human Paladin
Slippery John Human Rogue
Salubrious Drudge Human Ranger specialized in archery
Victor Trask Human Fighter
Faden Tarabond Dwarven Wizard

We play mostly tabletop although we have recently begun to experiment with Fantasy Grounds and bar the learning curve which inevitably slows things down a little, it is going very well.

Inevitably, these accounts will contain lots of spoilers so if you are planning to play in the WotBS please do not read any further.

The account of the first session is in the next post.