First of all, I'm really pleased with the adventure, and am looking forward to running the party through it in the next couple of sessions. Unfortunately, I've run into a roadblock with this encounter.

Two minor things to start with- the encounter states there are 8 Implanters, but references the basic positions of 10 such creatures. Is 8 or 10 implanters correct? Also, the text describes 7 veils of light when there are only 6. This was probably left over from an early version of the puzzle.

My main issue is this: the text states that the Blue and Orange stones are next to the entrance, but this does not match the map (which has a Blue and Grey-ish coloured stone by the entrance). I've edited a map to change the positions of the red, orange, and greyish stones to reflect the text, but I would like to know if I am on the right track. Perhaps I have simply misread something. Thanks in advance!