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    The lucid madness that is Frost examines the field of battle and coldly calculates actions that would do the most to ensure her survival. She leaves Aradra and the wolf to deal with the arm holding the villager if they will, and steps up to free the caster so that he can continue the fight. The whistle of Winterbite's passage sounds almost like a scream; he comes overhead in a great arc and bites deep into the tentacle holding Relic. The air around the barbarian ripples as her guardian spirits join the fray, whirling to attack the tentacle but unable to connect.



    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 23 (20 Flat-Footed, 13 Touch)
    HP: 68/68
    CMB: +5 CMD: 18
    Fort: +8 Reflex: +6 Will: +6

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 21 (18 Flat-Footed, 11 Touch)
    HP: 84/84
    CMB: +7 CMD: 18
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +4 Will: +6

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 08/10)
    Special: Spirit Totem (+6/1d4+2)
    Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)
    Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
    Special: Boon: Healing Surge

    Current Weapon in Hand: Hafsbta

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 6/6 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil, Shield
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    The tentacle holding Relic has been severed and he is freed from its grasp.

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    Despite the giant tentacle of some monstrous sea creature wrapped about his waist, the elven barbarian is madly gleeful. "Struggle all ye want, ye wee wiggly morsel! Soon enough, ye'll be in! Mah! Belly!" Unable to land a solid strike with the axe, he draws his dagger and slashes at the tentacle holding him.

    Free: Transfer axe to 1H grip.
    Move: Draw dagger.
    Action: Attack.

    Mini Stats

    Daylily Falshenaya

    AC: 18 (18 flat-footed, 13 touch)
    HP: 39/47
    CMB: +8 CMD: 20
    Fort: +7 Reflex: +4 Will: +4

    AC: 16 (16 flat-footed, 13 touch)
    HP: 47/55
    CMB: +10 CMD: 22
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +4 Will: +6

    Perception: +9
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Dagger (MH), battleaxe (OH)
    Current Conditions in Effect: RAAAAGE!, grappled
    Rage Remaining: 7/9

    Used Items:
    Rations, 1
    CLW Wand, 2
    Javelin, 2

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    Relic almost faints with relief as Kalinn severs the tentacle cleanly with a single blow. "I swear I would kiss you with gratitude if it wasn't so inopportune, Kalinn!" That said, the old man doesn't hesitate, hustling towards the unconscious villager. He reaches out towards the flailing tentacle, fingers crackling with electricity...

    "Stay still damn you."

    Relic moves to D16 and uses Shocking Grasp on the tentacle holding unconscious villager

    [rant] Miss ... I have never ever managed to hit with this spell. `Oo I think it should be a Reflex Saving Throw not an attack roll ... And then half damage on a save. There's no way I'd even memorise this spell if it wasn't the Air domain spell by default for level 1. [/rant] Ahhh, glad I could get that off my chest! Feeling much better now!
    @Mowgli I think Relic was in some pretty serious trouble there! Kalinn just won herself a faithful devotee!! Thanks heaps!

    The tentacle moves just as he is about to release the charge, placing the villager in the way. Relic has to avert the spell and it fizzles away into nothingness.


    Relic Nevyn

    (Lvl 4) Human Wizard 3/Oracle 1
    HP: 20/31
    AC: 14 Touch 14 FlatFooted 11
    Initiative: +4; Temporal Celerity: Rolls initiative twice and can use either result
    Fort: +2 Ref: +3 Will: +6
    Wizards Spells: lvl 0: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound
    Lvl 1: Shocking Grasp: USED; Silent Image; Colour Spray; Cause Fear: USED
    Lvl 2: Summon Monster II, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility
    Bonded Ring:
    Pearl of Power (lvl 1):
    Lightning Flash 7/7 uses left today
    Oracles Orisons: Detect Poison, Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink
    Oracles Spells: lvl 1: 1/3 uses left today
    Wand of Mage Armor: (48/50) charges
    Wand of CLW: (50/50) charges
    Rod of Lesser Extend: 2/3 uses left today
    Consumables: 4/4 CLW Potions; 8/8 trail rations
    Scrolls prepared for Battle: Magic Missile, Shield, Ray of Enfeeblement, Hypnotism, Moment of Greatness
    Curse: Clouded Vision: Max Vision limit 30'; as Darkvision
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    Relic catches a glimpse of Frost's face as he expresses his gratitude for the rescue. Her expression is . . . disconcerting. A mix of divine rapture and unholy glee, both fully present - and aware - and wholly insane. It's plain that she heard the old cleric's words, it's just not at all clear what happened to those words as they entered her consciousness.

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    Aradra takes aim and prepares to fire. He takes aim at the closest one and fires 3 arrows at it. He then takes his aim skyward and takes a shot at the target trying to grapple the Crone.


    Who all can Ararda see?
    Daylily - Shadow is going to fight w/ Daylily. And Miss with the second rolled 1 of the group.

    EDIT: New Tactic:
    Priority Attack: One Closest to him that threatens to grapple him, followed by Crone's tentacle, Followed by Daylily's tentacle
    Full Round attack +11/+11/+6 1d8+8 (Anything within 30', which i believe is everything?)

    Aradra Stats

    Aradra Longstrider

    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 touch)
    HP: 69/69
    CMB: +9 CMD: 20
    Fort: +7 Reflex: +11 Will: +5

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +7

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bow
    Current Conditions in Effect: Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim;Woodland Stride , INFINITE AMMO!!!1! (9/10 rounds remain)

    Used Items: 1 charge of Abundent Ammo.

    : 70/70 Minutes Remain (Darkvision)
    Level 1 Spells: Longstrider, Gravity Bow
    Level 2 Spells: Hide Campsite

    Shadow Stats


    AC: 19 (17 flat-footed, 11 touch)
    HP: 62/62
    CMB: +11 CMD: 23 (27 vs Trip
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +7 Will: +2 (+4 vs Enchantment Charm/Compulsion)

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bite (+9 1d8 + 15 + Trip)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Evasion, Share Spells; Scent

    Shadow barges forward in an attempt to free the raging barbarian. However, the tentacle seems to touch for the wolf to bite down on.
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    Iosef gasps as the tentacles grab people around him. The moment's hesitation is almost enough to spell disaster as a tentacle begins to drag a man away right in front of him.

    The paladin steeles his nerve and swings his sword at the grapsing appendage, aiming to slice through it and free the man.

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    As this horror from the deep drags the unconscious villager across the opening of the stairwell and out the window, both Iosef and Relic attempt to stop it. Neither are successful as the villager's head clunks on the window sill going out into the raging storm.

    The crone struggles as she is being pulled towards another window. The beast constricts, causing her to bellow in pain. She swings her her sickle, but it doesn't penetrate the rubbery hide.

    Shadow had dove into the water that is growing deeper with every moment. His attempt to bite the tentacle that Daylily is playing with fails. Daylily himself is unable to break free. As struggling prey, he is being squeezed in a crushing grip.

    Aradra's arrow was enough to cause its target to go limp. The water continues to rise. (4 ft deep)

    Upstairs, empty windows are soon filled with more tentacles from this beast. While it misses Kalinn just barely, Iosef and another villager are caught up in its grip.


    Tentacles ~ AC 22, Touch AC 11
    F0 ~ severed
    A6 ~ pincusioned
    E0 ~ grappled Daylily
    A17 ~ grappled crone
    B14 ~ grappled unconscious villager, retreated out the window
    F13 ~ severed by Kalinn
    F13b ~ attemped grapple Kalinn, missed
    I14 ~ grappled another villager
    B14b ~ grappled Iosef

    Aradra has clear line of sight on B14b. He has to enter the water to see Daylily now, who is under the stairs. Next round, Shadow will be dog paddling.
    The grapple on Kalinn didn't happen because the slam missed. I rolled them out of order.

    -10 ~ Villager ~ unconscious and grappled, dragged out the window
    -7 ~ Villager2 ~ conscious and struggling, grappled
    -17 ~ Crone ~ grappled
    -0 ~ Aradra
    -0 ~ Shadow
    -0 ~ Kalinn
    -11 ~ Relic ~ Shocking Grasp charge still held and available
    -17 ~ Daylily ~ grappled
    -6 ~ Iosef ~ grappled


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    So I don't lose Shocking Grasp on a miss? Relic is holding onto it? Is that how it is meant to work? If so ... 4 levels later ... Dang! Wish I had known that before! That makes the spell more decent!

    Can these tentacles make OAtks while they are grappling?

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    Melee touch spells? Yes, you can hold them if you miss. CRB p.186, first paragraph.

    You are lucky in this case. They don't get AoOs because the eyes are outside the building. So, they cannot see your defenses are down. They are just doing broad swings, slamming and grabbing the first warm thing they contact.

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