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    Relic will wait until last in initiative order again to see where he might be needed to finish off a tentacle. He will most likely use his Scroll of Magic Missile to make sure he hits. He gets two missiles, so 2d4+2 dmg or 2 targets 1d4+1. I figure Relic could save the Crone, but she is last on his priority list. Daylilly seems closest to the window and so in the worst trouble but Aradra is grappled on the stairs. If Kalinn and Iosef can free Aradra, hopefully he can take out Daylilly's tentacle single handed and I can save the Crone?

    Anyway, holding off to see where Relic is needed. I'm certainly not going to save that old bag and have Daylily be taken off to be eaten by a Kraken.

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    Shadow bites the tentacle in an attempt to free the elf again, but doggie paddiling is not his strong suit.

    Aradra is waiting for the other two to try and save him before acting...

    OK, 3rd times the charm here Shadow... aaaaaaand damnit

    Well, thankfully the two people with the highest HP are the ones bound right now. Aradra is going to delay

    Aradra Stats

    Aradra Longstrider

    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 touch)
    HP: 69/69
    CMB: +9 CMD: 20
    Fort: +7 Reflex: +11 Will: +5

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +7

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bow
    Current Conditions in Effect: Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim;Woodland Stride , INFINITE AMMO!!!1! (9/10 rounds remain)

    Used Items: 1 charge of Abundent Ammo.

    : 70/70 Minutes Remain (Darkvision)
    Level 1 Spells: Longstrider, Gravity Bow
    Level 2 Spells: Hide Campsite

    Shadow Stats


    AC: 19 (17 flat-footed, 11 touch)
    HP: 62/62
    CMB: +11 CMD: 23 (27 vs Trip
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +7 Will: +2 (+4 vs Enchantment Charm/Compulsion)

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bite (+7 1d8 + 15 + Trip)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Evasion, Share Spells; Scent; Swimming (1/2 movement, -2 Attacks

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    Frost tumbles neatly down the stairs, dodging and weaving through various and sundry tentacles and combatants, shouting something in Draconic as she goes, and ends close to Aradra. To those listening carefully (likely no one, in this situation), her voice seems oddly doubled, a second, deeper voice laid over her own and speaking different words. HafÝsbÝta comes around, but not in time - the tentacle holding the Ranger has already moved. Her guardian ancestors are similarly stymied.

    Not sure I've got a handle on the map - does Frost have to move past Daylily to get to Aradra?
    Acrobatics (1d20+10=25) to avoid AoOs just in case.


    Frost: "Smunsou dionkmet, aso ve!"
    HafÝsbÝta: "Be di jennu chaq!"


    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 23 (20 Flat-Footed, 13 Touch)
    HP: 68/68
    CMB: +5 CMD: 18
    Fort: +8 Reflex: +6 Will: +6

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 21 (18 Flat-Footed, 11 Touch)
    HP: 84/84
    CMB: +7 CMD: 18
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +4 Will: +6

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 06/10)
    Special: Spirit Totem (+6/1d4+2)
    Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)
    Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
    Special: Boon: Healing Surge

    Current Weapon in Hand: HafÝsbÝta

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 6/6 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Protection from Evil, Shield

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    Kalinn was standing at the top of the stairs, Aradra at the bottom of the stairs, and Daylily under the stair case. Counter-clockwise is going up. D1 and D14 are the join spot between the two floors and the same place.
    And that dice roller just doesn't like Kalinn!

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    Holding Out
    Holding out for Iosef to maybe free Aradra. Otherwise Relic will give it a try.
    @Satin Knights In the meantime can Relic make a nature roll to identify what it is they are fighting and gauge whether it might be vulnerable or not to mind affecting spells? I'll make a roll in case he can.
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    Immune: cold, mind affecting effects, sleep, and visual effects
    And since the roll was so high, Defensive Abilities: cannot be flanked; It has tremorsense

    The wizard is waiting on the paladin.
    The ranger is waiting on the paladin and wizard.
    The monster is waiting on his meals to stop squirming so he can fit them through the windows. @rb780nm All eyes are on you.

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    OCC: Aradra Is going to roll perception to hear Kanli's second voice, as he was close enough to hear it . and to keep this tread alive!
    @jbear I am waiting till tomorrow, then I am going to act FYI. If you want to act ahead of me feel free.
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    Iosef takes a swing at the current tentacle in his face and nearly trips into the stairwell.

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    Damn. Okay, well ... I really don't think Relic has enough fire power to kill a tentacle by himself. So I really doubt him going before or after Aradra will make a difference. Relic's options are 1) Magic Missile 2d4+1dmg 2) Shocking Grasp 3d6 dmg if iI use his Ring 3) Electricity Burst 1d6+1 dmg 4) Ray of Weakness -1d6+2 str

    At the moment I could maybe finish off the Crone's Tentacle with MMissile and Feather Fall her to the ground

    Or I could Shocking Grasp the tentacle holding Aradra and hope for a crit or rolling triple 6's on the dice.

    Or I could use Ray of Enfeeblement and hope it affects the whole creature not just a tentacle (as it's all one beast it would kind of make sense it would affect the whole creature)

    Hmm ... lots of decisions, none of them really that great.

    I think at this stage, as Relic has hardly any chance of freeing Aradra, Relic will hold til last and see if he can't finish off any tentacles partially wounded by Aradra with Magic Missile.

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    OCC: Ardra will move action draw dagger, free action shift grip on his bow, and stab this creature with a pitiful +7 ( forgot grapple$
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