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    "Gerlach? Oh, he was an alchemist. He was one of the first to disappear. A homonculus? I didn't know he had one. He had talked about making one, but they take a while to grow from what I hear. I don't think he ever got around to building one. He was too busy researching something about the island."

    "The lighthouse light? It has always been red. The rocks just off shore are quite dangerous for deep drafting boats. It is nearly impossible to bring a big ship in at night. Besides, the island shines with a white light. Wouldn't want to confuse the two in a storm."

    After the bit of teasing from the barbarian, the poor scrawny villager ducks and hides behind Alder. Alder smiles, shakes it off, and motions to the villager to go downstairs. "He already has work to do. He doesn't get to do any vacation fishing."

    Catching one of the villagers by the arm, "Estian, Will you take these people to the island?" "Umm, are they sure. I am not afraid of that place, been there many times, but, but..." "They can take care of themselves. I am sending them to rescue Sara." "Oh, okay. But it will cost you though." "Whatever."

    "Considering last night's attack, you are going to need everything you can muster." Rummage through his pack, he pulls out an ornate scroll case. Reaching in his inner vest pouch, he finds a black pearl. After handing both of these to Relic, he pauses, then reluctantly hands over his quarterstaff to the mage as well. Smiling at the old man, "It is already charged well. Bring back Sara and you can keep these. If I find them floating in the surf, I will know you have failed." Looking to the others, "Sorry, but I only have tools that would empower a fellow mage."

    When examined, Pearl of Power 2nd level, Watertight scroll case containing scrolls: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Tiny Hut, Fly, Draconic Reservoir, Rope Trick all at CL 5, and a +1 Darkwood Spellstoring Quarterstaff containing Force Punch (5d4 force, 10ft knock back, DC 16).

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    Shaking his head Aradra says "With you still here, I think this place will be safe for now. " Turning to his companions he says " At any rate, we need to make sure we have everything before we leave. Also, once we land on the island, I want to scout it out before we go anywhere. There is a trick I know that will let me see it as the eagle sees it: from up high. I also will use another trick that will make us harder to track; it will not last all day, but I will be able to refresh it enough that we should be that much harder to find. If we have to run, it will be harder to find us because of it."

    As they prepare to go, Aradra goes up to Frost, and asks in a whisper " Kalinn, do you remember that protection you gave Shadow in the forest? Do you suppose you can cast it on him again everyday as long as we are on the island?"

    Aradra then pulls out a long black rod, with 3 green emeralds that seem to glow with an unnatural hue to them. "Use this as well; It was told that a normal spell will last longer with it"


    Everyday, Aradra wants to cast Pass Without Trace on Relic, Iosef, Frost, and Daylily (If he allows it. Otherwise Shadow). He will use the extend rod to have it last 8 hours, then use his pearl of power to Remeber it, and recast it again. If no one objects, says no, right before they leave he will cast it the first time.

    He also would like Mage armor on Shadow if possible.

    Aradra Stats

    Aradra Longstrider

    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 touch)
    HP: 69/69
    CMB: +9 CMD: 20
    Fort: +7 Reflex: +11 Will: +5

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +7

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bow
    Current Item in Right Hand Sheath: Wand of Abundent Ammo (49/50)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim;Woodland Stride ;

    Used Items: 1 charge of Abundent Ammo.

    : 70/70 Minutes Remain (Darkvision)
    Level 1 Spells: Pass without Trace, Gravity Bow
    Level 2 Spells: Eagle Eye

    Shadow Stats


    AC: 19 (17 flat-footed, 11 touch)
    HP: 62/62
    CMB: +11 CMD: 23 (27 vs Trip)
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +7 Will: +2 (+4 vs Enchantment Charm/Compulsion)

    Perception: +12
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bite (+9 1d8 + 15 + Trip)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Evasion, Share Spells; Scent
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    Block jbear

    "Hmm ... a homonculus grows ... I admit that I know something of these creations but not enough it seems. It matters not. We left it behind in Gerlach's hut. Perhaps you could take a look at it while we are gone."

    He is taken aback by Alder's parting gift. "I thank you, Alder. We will not fail you."

    At which point Daylily awakens in magnificent form. The words of the barbarian about using the fat man to fish trigger his memory of the rope Daylily snapped in an attempt to haul it up at the pier last night.

    "One last question Alder. At the pier ... there are two ropes which reach down into the water. Whatever is at the end is very heavy indeed. Do you know what it is?"

    Wow! What a windfall of loot! Wicked!

    We should also divide up the other loot we found

    A feather (token swan boat): Doesn't matter; this is our ride home.
    a ring (of swimming): Relic would like to be wearing this for the journey across. He has memorised "Air bubble" so if things go really bad he will be more easily able to cast it on those in need if he isn't drowning in water.
    and a couple scrolls (Comp Languages): Can anyone else other than Relic use these?
    three thunderstones
    2 alchemist's fires
    3 Cure Moderate Wounds potions: Seems obvious to give to our front liners?
    a cauldron (of Brewing)
    a campfire bead:
    and an ioun torch wrapped in black cloth


    Relic Nevyn

    (Lvl 4) Human Wizard 4/Oracle 1
    HP: 38/38
    AC: 14 Touch 14 FlatFooted 11
    Initiative: +4; Temporal Celerity: Rolls initiative twice and can use either result
    Fort: +2 Ref: +3 Will: +7
    Wizards Spells: lvl 0: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound
    Lvl 1: Shocking Grasp; Silent Image; Air Bubble; Cause Fear; Charm Person
    Lvl 2: Summon Monster II, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility; Levitate
    Bonded Ring:
    Pearl of Power (lvl 1):
    Pearl of Power (lvl 2):
    Lightning Flash 7/7 uses left today
    Oracles Orisons: Detect Poison, Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink
    Oracles Spells: lvl 1: 3/3 uses left today
    Wand of Mage Armor: (48/50) charges
    Wand of CLW: (50/50) charges
    Rod of Lesser Extend: 3/3 uses left today
    Quarterstaff of Spellstoring: +3; 1d6+1 dmg Charged: Force Punch (5d4 force, 10ft knock back, DC 16).
    Consumables: 4/4 CLW Potions; 8/8 trail rations
    Scrolls prepared for Battle (currently in waterproof scroll case for crossing): Magic Missile, Shield, Ray of Enfeeblement, Hypnotism, Moment of Greatness
    Curse: Clouded Vision: Max Vision limit 30'; as Darkvision
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackslate45 View Post
    As they prepare to go, Aradra goes up to Frost, and asks in a whisper "Kalinn, do you remember that protection you gave Shadow in the forest? Do you suppose you can cast it on him again everyday as long as we are on the island?"[/COLOR]
    Kalinn looks distinctly embarrassed and uncomfortable as her friend requests her aid.

    "Ummm . . . I have . . . lost that spell. Mynhear has seen fit to take it from me, as a punishment for allowing my demonic blood to gain such a hold over my body. I have learned some few things from him in return, however, and will be able to provide some protection from evil foes for Shadow. It will be shorter term, so I'll have to cast it shortly before entering battle.

    "I am sorry, my friend; I fear that this is not the last time my contrary natures will cost me the ability to aid my allies."


    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari

    Standard Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 23 (13 Touch, 20 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +09 CMD: 22
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +06 Will: +05

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 21 (11 Touch, 18 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 104/104
    CMB: +11 CMD: 22
    Fort: +10 Reflex: +06 Will: +07

    Rage Block (Hafsbta in Hand)
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 21 (11 Touch, 18 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 99/99
    CMB: +10 CMD: 21
    Fort: +09 Reflex: +05 Will: +06

    Fatigue Block
    Initiative: +2
    AC: 22 (12 Touch, 20 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +08 CMD: 20
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +05 Will: +05

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 10/10)
    Special: Spirit Totem (+7/1d4+2)
    Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)
    Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
    Special: Boon: Healing Surge

    Current Weapon in Hand: None

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 7/7 per Day, 2nd Level: 4/4 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Haunted Fey Aspect, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Protection from Evil, Shield
    2nd Level: Protection from Evil (Communal)

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    Aradra looked disheartened at the answer, but nodded his head and said "If the time comes where we need that then feel free to use it. I'll leave the judgment up to you"

    OCC: Isn't Mage armor a bonus spell for the draconic line? since you cannot give up a bonus spell, Frost should have it for life, since she is a 3 sorcerer.

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    OOC js
    Sacrificed for better odds when SK was rolling up the intelligent item powers for Winterbite. I can pick it up again when she gets a new first level spell, but for now she's without. That would feel a little like 'cheating' as well. Optimization-wise I should have given up Prot from Evil, but the bonus spell gained from her LG ancestor seemed more appropriate fluff wise, since her rage is fueled by the demon derived chaos in her blood. (Winterbite's intelligence comes from the sliver of Kalinn's Draconic ancestor that inhabits the blade).

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    Fair enough. I was wondering why it disappeared after Bloodcove
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    "Tis likely a sunken ship. Like I said, it is hard to navigate a ship through the sharp rocks of this cove. They may have made it in before the leaks overtook them."

    "Okay you tourists. Help me drag my boat off the sand and into the surf while we have the tides." Estian is ready to lead you out and on your way.

    Loot: Yeah, looks like a lot, but I am actually still behind by about 1,500 gp on passing out treasure. But, that is about all Gerlach and Alder would have had considering WBL.

    Mage Armor: And Anaerion would normally have all ten fingers he was born with. Sacrifices reap rewards.

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    Block jbear

    Do we want to check out that sunken boat before we leave? We have a Ring of Swimming.

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    Loot Divining up/Boat Exploring

    Here is how I think they can be devied up

    A feather (token swan boat): Doesn't matter; this is our ride home. - Agreed
    a ring (of swimming): Relic/Iosef. I would vote Relic for now, though if we want someone to do some underwater scouting Aradra could use.
    three thunderstones - Aradra can hold on to these for now
    2 alchemist's fires - Iosef
    3 Cure Moderate Wounds potions: Aradra/Relic, as they are not going to taking the hits as often as the others. These are KO'd revivals only
    a cauldron (of Brewing) - If we need to create Alchemical gear on the way we can use this. We would just be buying it at full price. Take a rank in Craft Alchemy next level jbear, then you'll have a +9 to make acids. Take 10 and be done with it. . Aradra can carry it for now in his haversack
    a campfire bead: Camp gear, but Aradra can carry it.
    an ioun torch wrapped in black cloth - Aradra will use for those times he is not using his Darkvision Adaptation.

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