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    Sorry about my absense - I must have missed an email from the forum... Looks like I was unneeded though.
    Yep - the last two fights Kalinn has done exactly . . . nothing. Starting to feel like the proverbial "teats on a boar!"

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    OOC: I am sure you 2 will have your day in the sun. Archers have it easy when they can full attack from round 1. And Daylily hits like a freight train. That helps combat end quick. And I was really worried for the plant fight until we both crit.

    Aradra says nothing in response to Daylily for now, content at listening for Relic's response before chiming back in. He shrugs his shoulders at Iosef's comment before saying "I was taught to strike hard and quick. I lost my best friend because of hesitating; I dare not make the mistake again.". His hand traces over the long scar across his eye before going back to silence.

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    Oh, I'm content! As a character, Kalinn would much rather be in on the action and I'm sure her pride is stinging more than a little. But as a player, fights ended quickly mean less use of resources and less damage taken .

    Kalinn's been caught out of position in both of the last two fights, and she takes a round or two to crank up for a serious fight anyway since if she's going to buff she has to do it before she rages.

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    With Daylily in the party, if you are waiting for a fight to go four rounds, you might have to wait quite a while.

    So, which way? Northwest across the vegetation to the regal looking building? North to the cliff edge that is creeping into the island? Northeast to the shiny dome? South back through the housing buildings? Northeast just a bit to the next "lamp post"? Or off to the Southeast looks like there are a couple more big structures. Or return back south west to snack on the big lizard some more.

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    Block Systole

    "Wells, unlesses you is going to talking to the dead Snaketouched ... which is not proper," Daylily says, with a glare at Aradra, "then there is more of the house to the south and the east. Which is also where the pickles goed."

    Daylily votes southeast, and will head that way unless reigned in. Also, not sure if it's worth looting these guys, but once again, Daylily doesn't care.

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    "Dead things should stay dead." Aradra says in response Daylily's glare. "I think we can both agree on that."

    Nodding towards the other two melee in the group he adds "Close quarters are not going to do me wonders. You want to take point on this one? I'll cover the back for now "

    OOC: Aradra can move to the back for now.

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    Relic chortles. "I hope you are not talking about the little fellow in the jar we left behind, Daylilly. We did leave it behind didn't we?" There is more amusement than reproach in the old man's voice.

    "If you did bring it I would dearly like to follow it if we could. It might just head straight for its master"

    Relic says this as he rifles through the bodies of the skum looking for clues that might be of importance, or even keys that might open doors that need opening.

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    "Eyuh, well, I was not want to leave good pickle behind, so I sort of keeped it with me, for eating later. I was see it go to the south-easts, so we can following it that way."

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    With a nod to Aradra at his offer to be rear-guard and scarcely a nose-wrinkle for his reek, Kalinn takes a place beside Daylilly and (assuming the rest of the crew is ready) moves off with the Elf in search of his pickle. ()

    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari

    Standard Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 27 (13 Touch, 24 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +09 CMD: 22
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +06 Will: +05

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 25 (11 Touch, 22 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 104/104
    CMB: +11 CMD: 22
    Fort: +10 Reflex: +06 Will: +07

    Rage Block (Hafsbta in Hand)
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 25 (11 Touch, 22 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 99/99
    CMB: +10 CMD: 21
    Fort: +09 Reflex: +05 Will: +06

    Fatigue Block
    Initiative: +2
    AC: 26 (12 Touch, 24 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +08 CMD: 20
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +05 Will: +05

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 10/10)
    Special: Spirit Totem (+7/1d4+2)
    Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)
    Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
    Special: Boon: Healing Surge

    Current Weapon in Hand: None

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 6/7 per Day, 2nd Level: 3/4 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Haunted Fey Aspect, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Protection from Evil, Shield
    2nd Level: Protection from Evil (Communal)

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    Rounding the corner, intending to head south, you come upon a massive, inverse stepped structure. The carved stone is cut in layered sections going down about ten feet each time. There are stairs, spread out from each other to get down from one level to another. Along to top, a sectioned off area looks like a bathhouse. The pools, while murky, bubble under their own power.

    Beyond, two crystaline domes stand, one quite a bit more massive than the other. Further south, a triangular building that is partially crumbled stand next to a low round, fenced off area.

    No one sees the pickle. One of the will-o-wisps is hovering around a lamp post due south of you, seemingly having a conversation with the occupant. Directly north of you, just a short ways away, is another trapped will-o-wisp.


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