[LPF] The Forbidden Isle of Ancient Secrets - Page 78
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    Daylily laughs crazily through clenched teeth. "You is think that hurt!? In Jirago, we makes breakfast drink from this! Bring more!"

    Continue rage, ready attack.

    Poison saves at +2 due to Iron Liver trait for a total of +12.

    EDIT: Booyah!
    Mini Stats

    Daylily Falshenaya

    AC: 18 (18 flat-footed, 13 touch)
    HP: 66/69
    CMB: +10 CMD: 22
    Fort: +8 Reflex: +4 Will: +4

    AC: 16 (16 flat-footed, 11 touch)
    HP: 78/81
    CMB: +12 CMD: 24
    Fort: +10 Reflex: +4 Will: +6

    Perception: +11
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Earthbreaker
    Current Conditions in Effect: Rage, Lingering rage
    Rage Remaining: 6/13

    Used Items:
    Rations, 1
    CLW Wand, 14
    Javelin, 2
    Barbarian chew, 3
    Sling bullet, 1
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    Aradra attempts to draw another arrow, but when he attempts to nock it it slips out of his hand and clatters the ground.

    Shadow growls at the spot where the spider is, ready to finish off this creature.


    Shadow: Bite attack (Here is hoping it kills it...
    Aradra: FUMBLES so NVM

    Aradra Stats

    Aradra Longstrider

    AC: 21 (15 flat-footed, 16 touch)
    HP: 69/78
    CMB: +10 CMD: 22
    Fort: +8 Reflex: +13 Will: +5

    Perception: +13
    Initiative: +8

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bow
    Current Item in Right Hand Sheath: Wand of Abundent Ammo (46/50)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim;Woodland Stride ; Pass without trace 6..5hours , Gravity Bow (4 minutes), Darkvision (10 minutes)

    Used Items: 4 charges of Abundent Ammo. 1 charge CLW

    : 70/80 Minutes Remain (Darkvision, Iron Will)
    Level 1 Spells: Pass without Trace, Gravity Bow
    Level 2 Spells: Eagle Eye
    , blank

    Shadow Stats


    AC: 19 (17 flat-footed, 11 touch)
    HP: 68/72
    CMB: +12 CMD: 24 (28 vs Trip)
    Fort: +9 Reflex: +7 Will: +5 (+4 vs Enchantment Charm/Compulsion)

    Perception: +13
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Bite (+10 1d8 + 15 + Trip) + d6 Shocking Amulet of Mighty Biting (activated)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Evasion, Share Spells; Scent
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    Previous post (this one from Ruthie512) reported.

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    Relic stumbles towards Aradra. If anyone was going to know about poison it was the ranger. But the ranger seemed busy enough trying to kill the spiders. First things first.

    Dammit! Relic cursed to himself. Anything but poison. Fumbling for his pouch of this and that he searched for any herbs that might help slow the flow of the poison. If only he had taken his art as a travelling herbalist more seriously. Inadequate right now wasn't going to cut it. But it was worth a shot.

    Standing back to back he says in an audible voice. "Aradra, I am here behind you. The poison is working fast. I may only last a few more moments. I may need your help. Soon."

    The old wizard begins to pray quietly.
    Can Relic roll Profession: Herbalism to try and give himself a boost on his heal check, or provide himself with a re-roll if he fails?

    Hehe, just a thought! I'm pretty attached to this old fella!

    In any case Relic shuffles as far over towards Aradra as he can AC12) and then makes a heal check to try and give him a boost for his Fort saving throw. Gah, that low wisdom is hurting right now! If he survives guess what Relic is boosting at level 7?

    Edit: The Heal check was a success. Herbalism a dismal fail, so moot point. So +4 to Fort check = 15. Fail
    Relic loses 1 CON point: 9 left; 6 rounds to go...
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    @rb780nm and @Mowgli Your wizard is poisoned, invisible and fading fast. You can sort of hear him mumbling over by Aradra. Waiting on your actions before the pending readies go off.

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    Kalinn moves toward the sound of Relic's muttering. "Relic, call out! I need to be able to at least touch you to help. Seeing you would probably be better, but that's up to you."

    Assuming Relic Can Be Found
    Once she's got a hand on him, Kalinn touches the garnet hilt of Hafsbta to his chest and speaks to the blade telepathically. "Heroism first, Honored Ancestor, and the we wait. If he does not rally, or if he falters (OOC: If he fails a save), Gallant Inspiration is called for."

    Of course, if Iosef has something up his sleeve (Neutralize Poison?) to make her plan moot, so much the better . . .


    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari

    Standard Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 27 (13 Touch, 24 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +09 CMD: 22
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +06 Will: +05

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +03
    AC: 25 (11 Touch, 22 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 104/104
    CMB: +11 CMD: 22
    Fort: +10 Reflex: +06 Will: +07

    Rage Block (Hafsbta in Hand)
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 25 (11 Touch, 22 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 99/99
    CMB: +10 CMD: 21
    Fort: +09 Reflex: +05 Will: +06

    Fatigue Block
    Initiative: +2
    AC: 26 (12 Touch, 24 Flat-Footed)
    HP: 80/80
    CMB: +08 CMD: 20
    Fort: +07 Reflex: +05 Will: +05

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Special: Rage (Remaining Rounds: 10/10)
    Special: Spirit Totem (+7/1d4+2)
    Special: Claws (Remaining Rounds: 05/05)
    Special: Boon: Shield (Remaining Points: 10/10)
    Special: Boon: Healing Surge

    Current Weapon in Hand: None

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 5/7 per Day, 2nd Level: 3/4 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Haunted Fey Aspect, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Protection from Evil, Shield
    2nd Level: Protection from Evil (Communal)

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    Block jbear

    If allowed:

    Relic drops his staff and calls out: "Here Kalinn. I am here."

    I'll end invisibility after this next attack by spiders. I didn't want them hitting Relic again. Hopefully they will start dying soon.

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    Block rb780nm

    "Saints!" Iosef calls as he raises his holy symbol. Holy light lances out, soothing the wounds of all around him.

    OOC: Sadly, Iosef has nothing much that can help with poison, but I can heal everyone...

    Channel Positive Energy, heal everyone 4d6

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    Iosef side steps a bit to get all his comrades in a healing burst before the blinking spiders return.

    Shadow is snarling and all ready to pounce on the black spider as it returns, but, it curiously does not. The red spider returns to bite again the belligerent one, only to meet the wrong end of a mighty hammer. As two of its legs crack and crumble under it, it manages to only get a bit of boot leather before it disappears again.

    A split second after the spider disappears, one of the circling orbs of light loses orbit and comes crashing down, through the space the spider vacated, crashing into Daylily's chest in a splash of searing light and broken glass.

    When Relic grasps the hilt of the sword Frost offers him, he feels an overwhelming rush of power.
    Heroism: 130 minutes, +2 morale bonus to attacks/saves/skills and Gallant Inspiration: +2d4 immediate circumstance bonus to attacks or skills (use on heal skill)

    Heal check on thyself is a std action. Dropping the invisibility is a standard action, unless you attack something which is also a std. Choices.
    Made one of two consecutive saves, still takes a little CON damage.

    the party is up...
    -48/?? ~ AC 17 ~ Red Spider, phase in, gets crippling hit, missed bite, phase out
    -41/?? ~ AC 17 ~ Black Spider, didn't show up
    73/81 ~ AC 16 ~ Daylily ~ Raging
    29/45-12 ~ AC 14 ~ Relic ~ Poisoned, Invisible, -3 CON
    78/78 ~ AC 21 ~ Aradra ~ Gravity Bow and Darkvision, dropped arrow when no one showed
    72/72 ~ AC 19 ~ Shadow ~ amulet active, ready didn't trigger
    65/79 ~ AC 23 ~ Iosef ~
    80/80 ~ AC 23 ~ Frost ~


    Edit: Daylily clear of poison
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    Since Daylily actual saved vs the initial application, shouldn't he resist the poison period? It's only when he failed the first time is when he has to make 2 saves back to back.

    Aradra, realizing that Shadow should finish it off, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vial of a greenish hue. Holding out to the direction Relic is he says "Relic, drink it. Now. It will help fortify your body against poison. Slow your breathing, it will help slow the poison down."

    Move: Draw Anitvenom
    Standard: Hand over to Relic (?). Otherwise Aid Another Heal Check, auto makeing it. He can't heal without seeing Relic...

    Shadow:Ready attack.
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