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    Kalinn watches the proceedings in a dream-like state, almost as though from her exalted battle-frenzy. When the dragon presents the buried blade to her, she grasps Hafsbta firmly by the blade and slides her hands down the blade to the hilt, slicing a neat cut on both palms. When her hands hit the quillons, she gives a firm pull to dislodge the blade from the dragons thigh. Turning smoothly, she kneels before the elf and presents Hafsbta as instructed.

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    As the enchanter starts her incantations, the blade glows and warms in Kalinn's hands. It grows uncomfortably hot as the as the power of the spell builds and builds. Straining, the power of the incantation cannot undo the curse and fizzles out.

    "Try again."

    Again, the enchanter starts her process, pushing and straining with her magic in a battle of wills against the prison, it fails again.

    "AGAIN!" she roars.

    "This curse was specifically designed to foil me you know."
    Drawing in her strength, the enchanter starts again. The blade glows and heats up, but she is not getting enough oomph to break the prison.

    "Try the backup plan." Switching to a different, more traditional spell, she gets the same result. Pulling out a pearl to recharge her own power, she tries the original incantation again. A fifth failure to unlock the prison leaves her tired.

    Walking away, the enchanter goes over to the dragon to converse. A bit of minor casting prep there, they have a third plan. Returning to the patiently waiting Kalinn, "Dear, this is likely going to hurt." Reaching into a pouch, she spreads diamond dust along the blade. Returning to the original incantation, the blade glows and heats up again. The ground begins to rumble as the power builds. The light of the blade pulses until it bursts forth in a blinding flash and lightning arcs up into the clouds.

    After a moment, the effects of the flash wear away. Kalinn is holding a clean blade, except where her hands are now bloodying it.

    "WINTERBITE! Awaken from your slumber." "Mother?" "Yes dear. You have been imprisoned for centuries now. It has taken this long to find you and release you." "Where is Mynhear?" "He is no longer with us. You shall carry on his work in the hands of one of his descendents. You are in the hands of Kalinn Ari of the HaGruut. Some even call her Frost. Protect her as you would Mynhear." "Yes mother."

    "What imprisoned you." "I do not know." "Neither do I. The darkness has grown stronger in your absence. Work quietly, in secret and relearn the world. Pretend you are still slumbering to all but Kalinn. Our enemy is strong. We must quietly find their weaknesses before they strike again." "Yes mother."

    "Kalinn, tell no one that he is awake. Surprise is a weapon. You are already hunted. Knowledge of tonight would turn the hunt into a war." "Yes, my lady."

    Reaching out, the elf takes the blade from Kalinn's hands. With a short spell this time, a gem in her hand, the color of the elf's eyes, forms and reshapes itself around the pommel. A second spell seals the amethyst stone and hardens it.

    "You are now ready to teach him of this new world. When the time of darkness comes, the two of you shall be ready. We each must work separately and quietly until that time." She returns the blade to Kalinn.

    "Where did the little one go?" She whistles. Bounding back into view, the escort returns for more dutiful work. "Return her to her bed."

    "Kalinn, protect yourself by hiding this night into your dreams. This was only a dream. The mushrooms were good." She smiles. "This was only a dream."

    Before leaving the lighted area, the wounds on her hands have healed. Any mess or grass stains have dissolved away and disappeared.
    The miniature dragon leads his charge back through the glade to the camp. The walk back is a wobbly as the entrance in to the glade, but the bedroll is warm and friendly.

    After Kalinn has curled up in her bedroll, the miniature dragon turns to the paladin, smiles, flourishes an extended bow, and then walks away.
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    Kalinn is curled up in her bedroll, snoring like a drunken sailor. It is time to wake the next watch.

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    Iosef looks at his fellows and decides that they are better left sleeping off the effects of whatever it was they ate. He continues his vigil until it is time for the whole party to awaken.

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    Dawn come quietly. The paladin stood sentry through the night with nothing challenging his senses or blade. Relic and Kalinn wake with a bit of a hangover, but the effect of the spirit toad mushrooms has worn off.

    "Hurry with your breakfast, we need to get to town and then out to the rock. You will need your strength to rescue Sara."

    Four hours of sleep were not enough, so you are fatigued for the day unless you do something special to fix it.

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    Reluctantly, the Paladin focuses his healing powers inwards and shakes off the effect of the long night's watch.

    Mercy: removes fatigue; counts as a LoH

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    As the early morning sun pierces her lids, Kalinn rolls to her feat with a groan. She looks aghast at Iosef, and a furious blush creeps up the snowy skin of her neck and face. Words hiss forth from her mouth: "Paska! What in the name of Gelugon's Icy Pit . . . ?"

    Plainly mortified, most likely at her grievous lapse in falling asleep on her watch, the Tiefling strides boldly over to where Iosef is standing his post and bows her head. "I am truly sorry, veli . . . Though it is no excuse for my lapse, I can only assume my abandonment of my post is somehow related to the strange attack from last night. Did I say anything 'ere I slept?"

    Mini Stats

    Kalinn Ari
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 23 (20 Flat-Footed, 13 Touch)
    HP: 68/68
    CMB: +5 CMD: 18
    Fort: +8 Reflex: +6 Will: +6

    Rage Block
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 21 (18 Flat-Footed, 11 Touch)
    HP: 89/89
    CMB: +7 CMD: 18
    Fort: +11 Reflex: +6 Will: +8

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +09, Sense Motive: +0

    Current Weapon in Hand: None

    Spells Available (Cantrips: Unlimited, 1st Level: 6/6 per Day)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Mending, Ray of Frost
    1st Level: Ear Piercing Scream, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil, Shield
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    "I have no idea, as I was not awakened for watch. " Aradra says, looking at Iosef with a mixture of dislike and curiosity. "I was surprised to see the sun greet me."

    He takes a swig from his canteen before saying "At any rate, we best get on our way indeed. We apparently have another day of travel yes?" he says, turning to their employer.

    Aradra is not thrilled at having slept in lol. I was going to post when I got home, but SK beat me to it .

    However, he is rationalizing it by thinking "that is what a paladin would do", so he's just grumpy.

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    "From what I could tell, everyone was overcome by some taint upon our dinner. I didn't succumb, so I thought it best to allow every one a little extra rest.

    "You were especially affected Kalinn. All night you muttered all sorts of strange things about fey dragons. Perhaps you met one when last you ventured into the wilds and you relived the experience last night"

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    "I was unaffected." Aradra grumbles.

    Shadow simply yawns, seeming bored.

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