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    Quote Originally Posted by Quickleaf View Post
    What's the scale on the Richat Structure? That's amazing.
    30 miles wide.

    More pictures here: Earth’s Bulls-Eye, the Eye of Africa, Landmark for Astronauts (14 PICS)
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    That mountain would make a truly awesome fortress.

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    When I was a teen, I hiked up to the monastery on Montserrat outside of Barcelona, Spain. When we got to the top, the two friends I was with took off their clothing and stood naked on the desolate part of the mountain. I have no idea why they did that. I wonder if adventurers would do the same?
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    I wonder if the monks went blind...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starman View Post
    Tianzi Mountains, China
    I want to climb that. True, I'm twice the weight and twice the age I was when I was at my rock-climbing peak, but that - is inspiring.

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    Always thought this place was cool....

    Mount Roraima - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It was Conan Doyle's inspiration for The Lost World

    and nearby is this place: Roraima - Wikimedia Commons
    Check out El Foso....looks like a great entrance into The Underdark
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    The Chalice Well, tied to various tales of the Holy Grail.

    Located near Glastonbury Tor.

    The symbol is the Vesica Piscis, which captured my attention because I saw the well cover while taking a class on semiotics, where the signifier and the signified do not always perfectly overlap. I worked some concepts of that into my modern fantasy campaign (before it went off the rails with vampire King Arthur and using the holy grail to heal Michael Jackson).
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