Poll: How do you feel about new PC races?

Poll: How do you feel about approving new PC races for play in LPF?

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    Poll: How do you feel about new PC races?

    For those of you who have not been following, the discussion in this thread has led a more general consideration of approving new races for play in LPF, which is especially relevant in light of the impending release of the Advanced Races Guide. It'd be very helpful to get better idea of peoples' opinion on this matter, so feel free to chime in on the discussion if you're the chatty type, but even a vote would be very welcome.

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    Note: I am answering this from the player perspective, my judge hat is off for this comment.

    I am fairly conservative in my view of mainstream races. I cringe when I see races expand much beyond the typical races included in the core rulebook. It starts to break down my idea of a fantasy world when PCs have these races as options.

    I am fine with these races as NPCs and such, but less fond of unusual player class races. I have played in other parties in various games with "unusual" races and it just doesn't "feel" right to me.

    With that said I am not really looking forward to the Advanced Races Guide.

    This is of course a subjective opinion and I realize I am part of a larger group by participating in LPF. But I hope we do not see a rapid increase of playable races.

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    Note: This is my comment on this subject with my judge hat on.

    I have made my opinion as a player of LPF known in the above post. With that said, with the judge hat on I am willing to vote on race approvals with the inclination of the group as a whole in mind. So if the results of this discussion seem to favor including more races I will keep that in mind in future proposals for additions of new races to LPF.

    While I have personal preferences on many issues, as a judge I try to consider the opinion of the group as a whole when it comes to voting.

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    I like the option of the new races.

    A) I get tired of the elven wizard, dwarf fighter, halfling rogue, gnome summoner, human everything pigeon holes that people slip into because they are the best optimizations for the given race.

    B) The synthesist kind of blows the doors open, as we then get all sort of unique creatures wandering town. It is a shame that the overwhelming best optimization for the synthesist is the half-elf.

    C) Players and GMs should play the xenophobic nature of NPCs up a little bit. Arianna hides under her custom cloak as she walks around town. She always assumes she is going to be met with dislike or hostility when moving about town unless she reverts back to the mermaid. They're so cute, nobody could harm a mermaid.

    D) The diversity of non-standard races also ups the difficulty of identifying your enemy. If you see a gnome in a party of five and an weird looking creature, you know to focus fire on the gnome or the half-elf. It is not so cut and dry with advanced races.

    That is why I like the Wayangs. "What's the fuss? It's a burgundy gnome instead of a lilac gnome." Well, not exactly.

    E) Judges will need to approve the advanced races and weed out the ones that are 100% cherry picked for just their skills. But, we have 2 people already looking over new characters as it is. Right now, we are doing the reverse a bit in "Are you sure? That option would hamstring you quite a bit, try this instead." advice. And if someone builds a new race, well then they will have to put up a bit of history and fluff into the wiki to give the race a background.

    F) Of the latest characters built, 4 humans, 2 dwarfs, 2 half elf (synthesists), 2 tieflings, 1 elf (wizard). This time next year, I predict humans will still dominate.

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    I'm against new races for the most part. I could be persuaded otherwise were the right race to come along, but with ~10 races, ~15 classes, and a whole living world of background to choose from, I find it hard to see what a new race brings to the table.

    ^^Just my subjective opinion.

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    I'm pretty neutral.

    I don't tend to like playing weird races. But I'm quite happy for others who do to do so.

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