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About the campaign
Character Creation Rules

allowed races: eladrin, elf, halfling, human, dragonborn, drow, half-elf, gnome, shardmind, changeling, warforged, genasi, pixie, satyr, hengeyokai, hamadryad

allowed classes: any arcane or martial (but not martial and something other than arcane; so skalds are okay, but hunters are not) or shadow; also barbarian (reflavor as martial) and invoker (reflavor as arcane), warlocks cannot be infernal pact, vestige pact, star pact, or sorcerer-king pact

Level: 13th

no setting-specific feats, themes, backgrounds, or paragon paths except for Eberron Dragonmark/Dragonmarked House specific feats, paragon paths, and backgrounds (so FR and Scales of War backgrounds, and Dark Sun themes are out)

all characters get one Expertise feat and the Improved Defenses feat for free

swordmages also get Intelligent Blademaster for free
House rules

Initiative will be handled using Mal's rules

Characters with Dragonmark feats can cast one ritual per day that they gain access to via their dragonmark for free with a component cost up to that of a consumable of their level (650gp at level 13), excluding item creation rituals

The initial adventure for this campaign will be Clash of Steel from Dragon Magazine #172.