Since I was the one who initially suggested these (not counting Mowgli's original attempt whenever long ago), I am making an official proposal at the insistence of two of the other posters in this community. Not sure if this is appropriate given the number of proposals currently being worked on, but I figured it couldn't hurt too much. Anyways the basic idea is to have an area's where Player Characters can interact with one another in a more intimate environment than is possible in the Dunn Wright Inn. This can most easily be accomplished by providing role playing locations that represent the housing of a particular player or another that is as of now currently purchasable through the Mystic Pearle or other mercantile locations within the game.

I just thought it made sense to have such locations featured as locations to be able to Role Play in the game so long as these locations do not provide any serious mechanical benefit other than developing storyline for a given character (i.e. no time based XP or GP should be awarded in these area's in my humble opinion just as it isn't awarded in the Dunn Wright Inn under most circumstances).

Below is what Satin Knights had to say on the matter:

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If I counted right, you have five unofficial "I would probably vote yes" comments. I think we will create an "At Home" category/line on the Adventures page when the first thread is built. To do it right, that "game" will need to point to a wiki page instead that lists multiple "Home threads" in the 'Playing the Game' area of the forums.

The last hurdle is how to mark the "looking for a new game" characters differently than the "Sitting at home, on vacation" characters that are not interested. I suppose adding "on vacation" to their class line in the hidden wiki block would be enough of a marker.

So, technically and unofficially, it can be done. Implementation: maybe soonish. An official proposal would probably speed the process and hash out a few details. It also leaves a "this is what we intended" marker to point back to later.