Dat Bag of Devouring
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    Dat Bag of Devouring

    The devil is prada?

    Hey there guys, its Sarge here with another asinine question stemming from a recent streak of DMing premade Pathfinder adventures.

    In this 6th level adventure, (that takes you to 7 and 8) the PCs can stumble upon a bag of devouring.

    This bag appears to be an ordinary sack. Detection for magical properties makes it seem as if it were a bag of holding. The sack is, however, something entirely different and more insidious. It isŚin fact, one of the feeding orifices of an extradimensional creature.

    Any substance of animal or vegetable nature is subject to ôswallowing'' if thrust within the bag. The bag of devouring is 90% likely to ignore any initial intrusion, but anytime thereafter that it senses living flesh within (such as if someone reaches into the bag to pull something out), it is 60% likely to close around the offending member and attempt to draw the whole victim in. The bag has a +8 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to grapple. If it pins a creature, it pulls them inside as a free action. The bag has CMD of 18 for those attempting to break free.

    The bag can hold up to 30 cubic feet of matter. It acts as a bag of holding type I, but each hour it has a 5% cumulative chance of swallowing the contents and then spitting the stuff out in some nonspace or on some other plane. Creatures drawn within are consumed in 1 round. The bag destroys the victim's body and prevents any form of raising or resurrection that requires part of the corpse. There is a 50% chance that a wish, miracle, or true resurrection spell can restore a devoured victim to life. Check once for each destroyed creature. If the check fails, the creature cannot be brought back to life by mortal magic.

    Pretty scary stuff. Anyone have any experience with this item? It seems like a hilarious, if unfair, way to die. I'm reluctant to unleash it on my players - especially considering the DC 42 spellcraft check required to identify the bag's true nature. (DC 17 caster level item + base 15 id check + 10 for identifying the true nature of a cursed item).

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    Paizo actually made an encounter with the bag slightly easier to break free from.

    Still, if you have a bad feeling about the bag permanently eating PCs or the PCs using the bag for shenanigans, just remove the bag from the adventure.

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    Yah, its pretty much a one trick pony. After the players figure out what it is, they then can use it to their advantage.

    Luckly my group only used it a few times in a creative manner, but ruins any "you need to destroy this evil artifact quest."

    You need to take this ring across the realm to the lands of Mordor so that it can be perminatly destroyed in the fires below. *toss ring into bag of devouring*

    If you don't want them to keep it, after a devouring attempt, it could teleport away for the next set of adventurers.

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    Maybe I could just make the bag a potential encounter or something. Once a player's eaten he/she can cut their way out to discover themselves on some weird plane and they can subsequently fight/kill the monster (Some eldritch horror or something). Maybe his/her allies could be brave enough to jump in after them xD.

    The gear devouring part is pretty unfair if they just try to use the thing as a bag of holding. Nothing more demoralizing than losing an adventure's worth of gear because the DM put in a cursed item that's impossible to detect until it strikes. A remedy for that could be that the bag just doesn't like inanimate objects and subsequently barfs them back up covered in slime.

    Anyone think I'm taking the item in the right direction?

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    Back when Dragon used to run articles on "The Ecology of... [a critter]," one of the articles was actually about the Bag of Devouring. It expanded upon the ideas you're suggesting, actually showing a map of what the "typical" Bag's main body and stomach region are like among other things. I don't recall which issue it was in, sadly, but I found it very inspirational. I particularly enjoyed the description of what the young Wizard who discovered this stuff about Bags of Devouring did with the knowledge- he set up a remote extraplanar nation where Bag-creatures were held in a harbor, each one with a hatch cut into its stomach cavity, so the citizens could go in and check when a Bag found something interesting and get it out.

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    I just found a scanned version of the creature from first edition. It apparently gives you one round to poison its stomach's interior or it digests you xD

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    Our group just found one of these after killing some Duergar in the Underdark. Our elven mage cast Identify and then proceeded to roll a natural 20 on his skill check, giving him and grand total of 43. Thank you elven +2 to identify magic items

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    I had a thief character who had one. I would sneak up on people and pop it over there heads. Loot the bodies and feed the rest of the body to the bag when I was done.
    the stuff you got away with when you where young and playing DnD.

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    I killed an elder brain with a bag of devouring, dropped it in the brine pool and drained the elder brain died like a fish out of water.

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