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    Quote Originally Posted by Daeja View Post
    Surprise Round

    Zuri will her surprise action to free dismount, and Disheartening Strike @ the second creature

    1d20+6 → [10,6] = (16) ** I forgot to subtract 2 for the mist obscurring him, so creature had presumed AC of 15, my total was 14 = MISS!
    OOC: Did you remember your +2 for Combat Advantage given that they are surprised?


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    Wat could barely make out one of the strange creatures in the mist.
    He called down a bolt from the heavens, but he didn't see the intervening spire in the thick fog. There was an audible crack not of thunder, but of the splintering wood of the damaged building.


    he thought, "I should move closer before they get the impression that I am one of the invaders."


    OOC: Great start. A total of 6 on 3d20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daeja View Post
    Damage on Disheartening Strike is 1d6+4 → [5,4] = (9) And the creatures takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn, unless it's immune to fear.
    OOC: Don't forget Sneak Attack damage.

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    OOC: Oh, I will forget it, sir. I will forget it quite easily. Next time I decide to post, I'm locking my daughter in her room first so I can focus :P (thanks!)

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    Rain drops off the horse and runs under the portcullis gate, blade in hand, eyes locked on the creature towing the captured townsman in the net.

    Active Perception: Total 18. Probably not really worth me rolling this one actually, but hey.

    Surprise Free action= Dismount!

    Surprise Action= Move to G8.

    Initiative: Total = 15.

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    Sabynha surveys the grisly scene at the gate, then deftly vaults off her horse with a twirling motion that sends both her skirts and the mists whipping around her.

    Sabynha points into the fog, "Ze eyes! Zeir eyes give zhem avay!"

    Perception; 1d20+5=13
    Surprise round special freebie: dismount into C7
    Minor Action: Knack For Success; the next ally attacking a creature gets +2 on their attack roll, effectively cancelling out the penalty from the fog.

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    The creature's reaction to Zuri's bolt lodged into its back is ear piercing. It emits a shrieking ululeo that echoes throughout the plaza as Rain dismounts and moves bravely past the portcullis.

    Aware that a new threat has arrived the blue skin creatures' response is swift and without hesitation. Darting amongst the terrified town folk one moves across the plaza to fling a dart coated in black ichor at Rain but it falls well short.

    The creature dragging the townsman in a net spins about and flings bolas at Rain. They tangle about her legs dropping her to the ground. The shrieking blue skin runs at the fallen swordmage and stabs her with its short sword and another emerges from a nearby building striking her from the other side though she is able to deflect the blow with her magical shield.

    Meanwhile the creature with the net has taken another and hurled it expertly towards the rest of the group outside of the plaza. It expands above their heads and descends to entangle Sabynha, Zuri, Tom and Kartuus with the horses.

    Another of the creatures scurries closer towards the felled tiefling, blade out and at the ready.

    -.- Today is not my day. I had to remake the entire map as I must have accidently saved my photoshop file after I merged the layers to copy paste the surprise round map. So all the layers below the grey mist ...

    And then I had written and linked all of the action I am re-writing now, hit save and ... the token had expired ... all lost ... not cool.

    GM: Blue Skins win initiative.

    Kartuus takes no action during the surprise round due to the long absence of @LordGraz'zt I will give you til the others have posted their actions for round one before I NPC Kartuus, which will mean basically spamming at will powers and not gaining any XP for the encounter.

    NOTE: Please all post up with a mini stat block for your character in your next post. it will make things faster for me. Keep the stat blocks in each post during combat. Cheers.

    You're up!

    Arcana DC 15
    You recognise these blue skinned fey creatures as the warped kinfolk of the gnomes. They are called xivorts. Long ago they were enslaves by fomorians, tortured, and changed by fell magic. Over time, they adapted to their home in the Shadowdark by developing blue skin and saucerlike, leering yellow eyes.
    In some ways, xivorts are pathetic creatures that can hardly be held accountable for their malice. Although some are still slaves to the fomorians, many have escaped to the Feywild and the world. They raid villages for food and treasure, seeking to dole out the same pain they endured at the fomorians' hands.
    History DC 15
    After the xivorts escaped from the clutches of the fomorians, they slipped into the Shadowfell as part of a bargain they made with a cabal of hags. The journey exaggerated the xivorts' already twisted forms, leaving them with glowing eyes, blue skin, and dark hair.
    The hags had little use for the xivorts. They freed them solely to deal a blow to the fomorians. Cast adrift into the world, the xivorts took to pillaging. They harbor hatred for larger creatures and particu, larly enjoy tormenting goliaths and half orcs.

    Surprise Round Summary:
    Zuri dismounts in square where she has better line of fire and hits hidden Blue Skin for 17 dmg, bloodying it.
    Rain dismounts and moves past the portcullis
    Wat destroys one of the townsfolk's rooves. Remains mounted, though his horse is fidgeting and skittering badly.
    Sabynha dismounts and provides a +2 bonus to an ally's next attack.
    Kartuus dismounts and delays

    Initiative of Sabynha 11
    Initiative Blue Skins: 20

    Darter 1 moves up and throws Dream Venom Dart at Rain: 6 vs Ref;Miss
    Net Caster 1 Move to H10 and Minor Action: Bolas at Rain: 17 vs Ref;Hit Rain falls prone and remains prone TENT
    Standard: Net: Ranged Area burst 1 within 5 vs Reflex 21 vs Zuri;Hit 24 vs Kartuus;Hit 25 vs Sabynha;Hit 16 vs Tom;Hit All hit and Restrained (save ends)
    Slasher 1 moves next to Rain and attacks her while prone 25 vs AC;Hit 6 damage
    Slasher 2 moves out of building next to Rain and attacks while prone 12 vs AC; Miss
    Net Thrower 2 moves towards action.


    Zuri 24/24 hp 6/6 Surges Restrained (immobilised and -2 to attacks; save ends)
    Sabynha 28/28 hp 10/10 Surges Restrained (immobilised and -2 to attacks; save ends)
    Kartuus 23/23 hp 7/7 Surges Restrained (immobilised and -2 to attacks; save ends)
    Rain 26/31 hp 11/11 Surges Prone TENT
    Wat 28/28 hp 10/10 Surges Mounted on fidgety horse (-2 to attacks)

    Tom 10/10 ho 1/1 Surge Mounted and Restrained; save ends
    Wounded Guard 11/22 HP Hiding
    Townsman 4/10 hp 1/1 Surge Restrained in Net

    Net Caster 1 bloodied (before combat began); 2 nets, 1 bolas used
    Net Caster 2
    Slasher 1 17 damage;bloodied
    Slasher 2
    Darter 1; Dream Venom Dart used

    Monster Stats

    Please only look at stats of creature you are attacking; won't matter this fight as they are all so similar but will in future fights.
    Net Caster

    HP 26 AC 15 F/R/W 12/13/13
    MBA: Short Sword +6 vs AC; 1d6+5 dmg


    HP 26 AC 15 F/R/W 12/13/13
    MBA: Short Sword +6 vs AC; 1d6+5 dmg


    HP 22 AC 15 F/R/W 12/13/13
    MBA: Dagger +6 vs AC; 1d4+3 dmg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Crystalbrook Round 1.jpg  
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    Rain shouted a warning as the bolas wrapped around her legs, bringing her down. "Look out, there's more Xivorts!"

    She snarled as the one with the blade struck her. When flames suddenly ran up the blade from the wound, the Xivort withdrew the blade in surprise; this soon turned into alarm and fear as the flames spread upwards along its arm and body, burning its blue flesh.

    Now, as the creature panics, Rain brings herself up to her knees and thrusts her horizontal blade through her assailant's chest. The sword is held there for a brief moment before she withdraws it swiftly.

    Rain turns her blade to the other swordsman that attacked her, whose sword she'd somehow held at bay with her magi's shield. Even on her knees, she brings her sword up, down and accross in a magical salute which binds the new foe to her.

    Meanwhile, the now dead and burning corpse falls over behind her.

    Slasher 1 feels the heat from Rain's Infernal Wrath.

    Infernal Wrath (Encounter Free Close burst 10 Fire)
    Target: The triggering enemy in the burst
    Trigger: An enemy within 10 squares of you hits you.
    Effect: The target takes 1d6+4 fire damage.

    Total damage: 7

    Move Action: Rain uses this as minor to make an Arcana-based monster check against blue-skinned meanies. Total: 27

    If I can, a following History check: Total= 21.

    Standard Action: Rain attacks the bloodied Slasher 1 with Booming Blade.
    Bloodhunt: You gain a +1 on attacks against bloodied foes.
    Prone: -2 to attacks.

    Total to Hit (+6) = 17
    Potential Damage = 11

    This hits and kills Slasher 1!

    Booming Blade (At Will Standard Melee 1 Arcane, Thunder, Weapon)
    Target: One creature
    Attack: +7 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d8+4 damage and if the target is adjacent to you at the start of its next turn and moves away during that turn, it takes 1d6+3 Thunder damage.

    Minor Action: Rain marks Slasher 2 with Aegis of Shielding.

    Aegis of Shielding (Minor Standard (Once per Encounter can be used as a Minor action.) Close burst 2 Arcane)
    Target: One creature in burst
    Effect: You mark the target. The target remains marked until you use this power against another target. If you mark other creatures using other powers, the target is still marked. A creature can be subject to only one mark at a time. A new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place. If your marked target makes an attack that does not include you as a target, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls. If that attack hits and the marked target is within 10 squares of you, you can use an Immediate Interrupt to reduce the damage dealt by that attack to any one creature by 8 points of damage.



    Female Tiefling Swordmage, Level 1.
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 9, Passive Insight: 10. Senses: Low-light vision.
    AC: 19, Fort: 13, Reflex: 14, Will: 14.
    HP: 25/31, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 11/11
    Speed: 6 squares. Size: Medium. Languages: Tsugo, Allarian.
    Saving Throw Bonuses: Nothing to report.
    Action Points: 1
    Infernal Wrath [Used]
    Second Wind
    Guardian's Counter
    Aegis of Shielding
    Sword Burst
    Booming Blade
    Sword of Sigils
    Dimensional Thunder
    Conditions: Prone until the end of this turn.

    OOC: I went ahead with a gentle retcon. I haven't included Sabynha's Knack for Success; if it can be left for ranged attacks from the net, I'd rather it was.
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    Sorry for not reading the original map correctly! Geez, my surprise round was a mess!
    Zuri cringes as she feels the net come down on her head, hating the feeling of restraint.

    She closes her eyes for a moment, her body blinking in and out of space. Instead of being trapped beneath the net, she stands beside the blue creature that had thrown the net in the first place.

    Dropping her hand crossbow, Zuri draws a dagger and attacks the net thrower. She slices through the air near the creature, scowling as she misses what *she* thinks should have been an easy target.
    Move: Fey step to G10
    Minor action: drop crossbow, draw dagger
    Standard action: Riposte Strike - 1d20+8 → [6,8] = (14) MISS
    Passive Perception 15 / Insight 10
    AC: 16, F/R/W: 12/16/13, Speed 6
    HP: 24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 6/6


    MBA: Dagger, +6 vs AC, 1d4+3
    At-Will: Disheartening Strike, Riposte Strike
    (e)Surprise Strike:
    (e)Torturous Strike:
    [strike](e)Fey Step[/strike]
    (D)Precise Incision
    Combat notes: Sneak attack is 2d6+2

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    The net caught the young Vistani completely by surprise, and it was not very conducive to the Dance of Blades. Nevertheless, there are some dances involving large sheets or nets, and Sabynha does her best under the circumstances.

    Monster Knowledge: Arcana & History 1d20+5=13, 1d20+4=10 nil.
    Minor Action: activate Focused Discipline stance, Offence (+1 to hit with basic attacks)
    Move Action -> another Minor Action: Song of Serendipity (one ally gains +2 on next attack roll if Sabynha hits)
    Standard Action: attack Slasher #2 with thrown dagger 1d20+6+1-2=13, 1d4+3=5 Miss, but I'm taking my own Knack For Success (sorry Daeja!), turning the near-miss into a hit. Sabynha also uses Lesser Flash of Distraction (No Action, on hit) rendering the Slasher Dazed TENT.
    Saving Throw: 1d20=7 f-f-f-FAIL!

    Using her buckler to hold the net up, and out of her way as much as possible, she begins her twirling dance. It's awkward but still possible to dance, though moving from this spot proves impossible for her.

    With a flick of the wrist, she fires a dagger between the gaps in the netting, striking the second slasher closing in on Rain pommel-first between the large yellow eyes. It still hits hard enough to make a solid thud and elicit a shriek from the creature.

    Sabynha continues to futilely struggle against the netting, while the vile little thugs plot their demise.
    stat block
    Passive Insight 20 Passive Perception 15; Senses Low-light Vision Skald's Aura (Healing, Martial) aura 5; see below. HP 28 Bloodied 14 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 10 AC 17 Fortitude 13 Reflex 15 Will 15 Saving Throws [+0]
    Basic Attack Short sword +7/1d6+4 Ranged Basic Attack Dagger 5/10 +6/1d4+3

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