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    [Adventure] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge:Lord Sessadore)

    A Call for Lovers
    A medium Living 4th Edition adventure, designed for 5-6 1st level characters. A Call for Lovers is set in a group of trade islands called the Crystal Isles somewhere on the trade route between the Jade kingdoms and Daunton over the course of a few weeks.

    GM: jbear
    Judge: Lord Sessadore

    • PC: Rain (Tiefling Shielding Swordmage lvl 1):Neil1889
    • PC: Zuri (Eladrin Rogue lvl 1):Daeja (NPC)
    • PC: Sabynha (Half Elf Skald lvl 1):Nemesis Destiny
    • PC: Wat (Half Elf Invoker lvl 1):Son of Meepo
    • PC: Gray (Hengeyokai Monk lvl 1):CrimsonFlameWielder


    Count Varis: Ruler of the wealthy port of Sybaran on the island of Bloodstone. Renown as a fair and just ruler who loves his city and the region of the Crystal Isles. Many of the other rulers turn to his council to settle disputes that arise within the Isles.

    Meister Timothy Tome: Head Librarian of Count Varis' renowned library. It is said that it is impossible to enter the Library grounds without his blessing.

    Guntar Mherl: Genasi Captain of the Luh'nan; Theme's Uncle. Works sometimes in league with the Crystal Mason's when they can afford him.

    Lady Mary?: Crystal Mason agent; talented sailor, skilled lover.

    Merchant Tuan: Tiefling merchant with a increasingly profitable business established within the Crystal Isles. Independent from but fully co-operating with the interests of the Crystal Mason's. Rain's uncle.

    Chuckles: a gnome rogue who claims his organisation in Sybar is interested in Zuri.

    Little Bird (or Nani to the Vistani): A gypsy fortune teller who is eyes and ears to all the goings on within the city of Sybar.

    Peg: Captain of the Singing Dolphin, lover of rum and admirer of the Lah'nun.

    The Sergeant: Badly wounded Stone Mason saved from the Yakuza junk; Unconscious when you last saw him

    Ratchet: One of Varis' Marines rescued from the Yakuza junk; Claims that the Yakuza plan a secret attack on Bloodstone Gate

    Plank: One of Varis' Marines rescued from the Yakuza junk; Thick as two planks.

    Olga: Owner of the Smoky Bean Inn in Port Bean, Elestial. Close acquaintance of Peg and now very much a fan of the group

    Meg: Works for Olga in the Smoky Bean; Idolises Sabynha

    Tom: Olga's stable boy, charged with accompanying the group to Crystalbrook

    Wendig: Local Drunk in Crystalbrook; saved from the xivorts' nets by the group; Rain, Zuri and Wat are now his heroes

    Sherif Brandis: Sheriff of Crystalbrook

    Lady Tamora: Ruler of Crystalbrook; mother of the missing boy Orlando.

    Remus: Orlando's best friend; works in the kennels in Crystalbrook. Witness to Orlando falling in love with Juliana.

    Margery: Lady Tamora's Lady in Waiting; displeased by Gray's attack on her lady's pillow.

    Helfaine: Lord Carric's head warden; impressed by the group's presentation of an ancient peace symbol, the olive branch

    Lord Carric: Lord of the Sildaine; father of the missing girl, Juliana. Is now convinced of his mistakes and journeys to Crystalbrook in person to set things straight with Lady Tamora with a hope to end the conflict.

    Master Rhymer: Leprechaun, Self chosen leader
    Fiddlesticks: Leprechaun and Comedian; was possessed by Soryth
    Knickknack: Leprechaun and wild dancer

    Soryth: Evil hag who kidnapped Juliana and Orlando; commands the xivorts

    Introduction, Rules, Notes
    Welcome to A Call for Lovers, my first play-by-post adventure. If you ever have any suggestions as to how I can improve things, I would be happy to have them.

    I’ll be keeping this page updated throughout the adventure so you can track things from here.

    I'm just going to copy paste a bunch of stuff from my own PbP DM @Mewness because I think he does a great job

    Posting frequency:
    Please aim to post 1/day if you can (don’t worry too much about weekends, as they are generally slow). If you can post even more frequently, feel free. If a response from you is required, I will wait for two days (with more flexibility if the two days are over a weekend) before NPCing you and moving on (and I will get annoyed if this happens more than a couple of times). Try to keep up a good posting rate even out of combat: remember that no-one can tell the difference between an inactive player and one who is paying close attention but not posting anything. Everyone appreciates responsiveness--a responsive group makes all the difference between a really great adventure and a mediocre one, so I encourage you to find things to say even if your character doesn’t have much to do in the current situation. Posting something like “Bertie quickly gets bored by the conversation, so he goes off a little way and amuses himself by stomping on ants” is perfectly fine. In fact it’s great, because it gives others something to respond to. Anything is an improvement on silence.

    If you will be away for longer than a couple of days, or if your life is getting hectic and you need to slow down, please PM me or warn us in this thread. An unexplained absence of a week or more may lead to my searching for a replacement.

    Dice rolling

    Initiative, saving throws, and perception rolls will be made for the players by the GM if it moves the adventure along quickly. Otherwise, players will roll their own dice. I may do this with my dice at home to save time

    Die Rollers: Please use Invisible Castle (link rolls) or the die roller built into this board (even though I hate it myself, it is comfortable). Be as specific as you can in the notes you add to your die formula before you roll it--specify what you are doing and to whom, i.e. “twin strike on Nincompoop 5.” “Blazing starfall on B6-D8, catching Cloddenbeadles 1, 3, and 4.”

    Spoiler Blocks:
    Spoiler blocks with skill requirements will be labeled “active,” “passive,” or sometimes “active or passive.” “Active” means that you must make the check in order to have access to the information within that block; “passive” means that you must have a sufficient passive score (10+skill bonus) in the skill. “Active or passive” means that you can either use your passive score or make a check if your passive score isn’t high enough.

    Incidentally, I have no problem with your reading spoiler blocks that you’re not strictly entitled to, so long as you don’t have your character use the information therein.

    PC Stat Blocks:
    Please make a summary of your character’s stats and include it in your first post. You should also include it whenever you take a turn in combat, and whenever something happens out of combat that alters your hit points, surges, action points, etc. Here’s a sample stat block.

    Kane Arcane

    PC:Kane Arcane (jbear1979) - L4W Wiki
    Human Hybrid Swordmage | Wizard 4
    Passive Perception/Insight 14
    AC:22, Fort:16, Reflex:17, Will:17, Speed:6
    HP:44/44, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:10/10
    Initiative +2
    Action Points: 1 (encounter):


    MBA: Dislocation Longsword +1, +7 vs AC, 1d8+2 damage
    Freezing Burst, Phantasmal Assault, Sword Burst

    Grasping Shadows: USED
    Aegis of Shielding:
    Channelling Shield:
    Dimensional Vortex:
    Second Wind

    Flaming Sphere:
    Dislocation Longsword:

    Combat notes: Theme: Feybeast Tamer: Kane is unaware of this. Not active until this changes.

    Pictures: If you have a picture you’d like me to use to represent your PC in combat, post it somewhere.

    I will be using Mal’s Rules for speedier PbP combat. You can read about Mal’s Rules in the spoiler block below.

    The Malenkirk Conventions
    Mal Malenkirk came up with some house rules for speeding up PbP combat that are now so ubiquitous in L4W that almost nobody actually bothers posting them anymore, which can lead to confusion. Here they are:

    1. The DM rolls initiative for everyone to save time. Only one initiative value is rolled for all of the bad guys.

    2. Any PCs whose initiative beats the bad guys get to act first. They can act in any order they like and their actions are resolved in the order they are posted.

    3. The DM then runs all of the bad guys’ turns together.

    4. All of the PCs (including any who won the initiative before) now get a turn. Play then proceeds with all the bad guys having another turn, then all the PCs, etc. Again, the PCs can act in any order, and their actions are resolved in the order of posting.

    5. Effects that last until the end of someone’s next turn need a special rule, because the changing order of actions could otherwise lead to abuse. Such an effect gives its benefit (or its penalty) to each recipient for one turn only, no matter when that turn occurs in relation to the other recipients or the originator of the effect.

    Example: Suppose that PCs Algie, Bertie, Cecily, Dickie, and Edna act in alphabetical order on round 1. Cecily uses a power that grants herself and all her allies a +1 to attack rolls until the end of her next turn. Dickie and Edna each benefit on round 1, as normal, because they act after Cecily.

    On round 2, the PCs happen to act in reverse alphabetical order. Even though Edna and Dickie act before Cecily, they no longer benefit from Cecily’s effect, because they have already had it for one turn. Cecily benefits from it on her turn, just as she normally would, and Bertie and Algie benefit on their turns, even though their turns take place after Cecily’s is over.

    This rule can be tricky to apply correctly at the beginning, so let me know if you have any questions about it.

    6. To save time, the DM makes enough of the bad guys’ stats available to the players that they can resolve their own attacks and any opportunity attacks that they provoke.

    This rule is frequently ignored; many DMs are simply not comfortable disclosing enemy stats on the first round of a fight, and prefer to reveal them gradually. Unfortunately, that can cause delays (players will wait to see whether the previous attack hit or whether a bad guy is bloodied before deciding what to do). What I’m going to do is to put the stats in individual spoiler blocks, and ask you to look at them only when it is necessary for figuring out what happened on your turn, after you have decided what you’re doing and made the rolls. Don’t look at them at other times. You’re on the honor system.

    7. If any other issues come up, I will play them by ear (with the help of our good Judge Lord Sessadore).

    Time and Experience Records
    Start Date: 10th May 2012
    Gray Start Date: 4th July 2012
    Current Total XP: Lvl 3: 3468 xp
    Gray Total XP level 3: 2396 xp
    Final XP and Treasure Totals:

    XP: 457 +45= 502 XP
    Treasure: 50gp (spent on Rope) + 1 elixir (50 gp) + 126gp +33gp and 6sp = 159 gp and 6 sp + 1 elixir (50gp) and 50 gp worth of Hempen Rope

    XP:457 +33= 502 XP
    Treasure: 50 gp spent here +1 elixir (50 gp) +126 +25gp +2sp (time gold)

    Time XP

    Month 1: 10th May - 10th June Level 1: 167 Time XP:
    Month 2: 10th June - 10th July Level 1: 167 Time xp
    Month 3: 10th July - 10th August level 1: 167 Time xp
    Month 4: 10th August - 10th September level 2: 209 Time xp
    Month 5: 10th September - 10th October level 2: 209 Time xp
    Month 6: 10th October - 10th November level 2: 209 Time xp
    Month 7: 10th November - 10th December level 3: 250 Time xp
    Month 8: 10th December - 10th January level 3: 250 Time xp
    Total: 1628 xp

    Gray Month 1: 4th July - 4th August level 1: 167 Time XP
    Month 2: 4th August - 4th September level 1: 167 Time XP
    Month 3: 4th September - 4th October level 1: 167 Time xp
    Month 4: 4th October - 4th November level 1: 167 Time xp
    Month 5: 4th November - 4th December level 2: 209 Time xp
    Month 6: 4th December - 4th January level 2: 209 Time xp
    Total: 1086 xp

    Encounter XP

    Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri +Themes & Kartuus
    Encounter 1: Skill Challenge: Yakuza Attack! 290 XP each: Approved
    Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri:
    Encounter 2: Gate Crashers 240 XP: Approved
    Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri +Gray
    Encounter 3: Cavern Dwellers 220 XP: Approved
    Encounter 4: Cave of Mud 220 XP: Here
    Encounter 5: Soryth Appears 460 XP
    Encounter 6: Unicorn Wrangling + 2 Skill Challenges 410 XP: Here
    Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri: Total: 1840 xp
    Gray Total: 1310 xp

    I'm going to level you up at certain parts of the adventure as opposed to when your XP hits the right number. However your time rewards will be calculated by the level you should be at from the date you should have hit that level. Basically, you will have full XP owing to your PC at the end of the adventure, even though the levelling rate is a bit slower in adventure.


    Total Treasure Awarded so far: 50 gp; 1 elixir (50gp); 1 Healing Potion (50 gp); 1 Moonstone (50 gp) each = 200gp
    Group Treasure: 25 gp, Ring (25 gp), Gem (100 gp)
    Magic items Awarded so far: Level 2 Items: Rain, Sabynha (x2), Wat, Zuri
    Level 5 Quest Item. Tuathan Road Whistle
    Total Time Gold Awarded so far: 1440 gp (Gray: 860 gp)

    Quest Awards
    Count Varis' Payment Upfront: 50 gp each Approved

    Encounter Rewards

    Encounter 1: Skill Challenge: Yakuza Attack! Treasure Award: 1 of Peg's Potions each: 50gp Approved
    Encounter 2: Gate Crashers: 2 Healing Potions from Lady Tamora; 3 Healing Potions from Lord Carric: so 1 Healing Potion each.
    Encounter 3: Cave Dwellers: Leather Armour of Aegis Expansion (lvl 2 item Rain); Bracers of Mighty Striking (lvl 2 item Sabynha)
    The Oracle: Lesser Tuathan Road Whistle (lvl 5 wondrous item)
    Encounter 4: Cave of Mud: Amulet of Elegy +1 (lvl 2 item Wat); Rebounding Crossbow +1 (level 2 item Zuri); 100 gp gem; 25 gp; Gold Ring 25 gp
    Encounter 5: Soryth Arrives: Mighty Ki Focus +1 (level 1 item Gray)
    Soryth's Bloodstone: creates +1 implement (level 4 item Wat),
    Encounter 6: Unicorn Wrangling: 1 Moonstone each (50 gp); Hero's Hide Armour (Level 2 item Sabynha), Oak leaf (Quest item)

    Time XP Rewards

    Month 1: May 10th - June 10th Level 1: 126 gp Approved
    Month 2: June 10th - July 10th Level 1: 126 gp
    Month 3: July 10th -August 10th level 1: 126 gp
    Month 4: August 10th - September 10th level 2: 178 gp
    Month 5: September 10th - October 10th level 2: 178 gp
    Month 6: October 10th - November 10th level 2: 178 gp
    Month 7: November 10th - December 10th level 3: 254 gp
    Month 8: December 10th - January 10th level 3: 254 gp
    Total Time gold: 1440 gp

    Gray Month 1: July 4th -August 4th level 1: 126 gp
    Month 2: August 4th - September 4th level 1: 126 gp
    Month 3: September 4th - October 4th level 1: 126 gp
    Month 4: October 4th - November 4th level 1: 126 gp
    Month 5: November 4th - December 4th level 2: 178 gp
    Month 6: December 4th - January 4th level 2: 178 gp
    Total Time Gold: 860 gp
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