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    [LPF] Faith and Good Works

    A medium length, puzzle-based adventure for Living Pathfinder, designed for 2-3 7th level characters.

    GM: Systole
    Judge: Satin Knights

    @perrinmiller : Cythera e'Kiernan, Fighter2/Bard 2/Dragon Disciple 3
    4 May 2012 - 27666 xp

    @Glasseye : Orlando Furioso, Rogue 5/Bard 2
    23 April 2012 - 23248 xp

    @Mowgli : Breninyr Hydref, Monk 4/Cleric 5
    10 June 2012 - 51240 xp
    Encounter 1: 4800xp
    Encounter 2: 6400 xp
    Encounter 3:
    Enouncter 4:
    Encounter 1: 5000gp (bounty + items sold)
    Encounter 2: 1 jeweled key
    Encounter 3:
    Enouncter 4:
    Adventure Rules
    * Initiative, saving throws, and perception rolls will be made for the players by the GM if it moves the adventure along quickly. Otherwise, players will roll their own dice.

    * Dice rollers can be Invisible Castle or the EnWorld on-line dice roller for the players. The GM will use his own dice at home or an on-line random number generator.

    * Any absences for longer than 2-3 days should be communicated to the GM. In general, please try to post 3x/week. Players who consistently slow down the game will be removed, at GM's discretion. Note: I will not be available from Friday evening to Sunday evening most weekends during the summer.

    * All characters need an appropriate character picture, head-shot preferably, for token on the tactical grids.

    * A mini-stat spoiler block that includes a link to your character sheet will be required in every IC post. Please spoilerblock OOC posts and discussions.

    Example Mini Stats
    Sylla the Grim
    AC: 18 (14 flat-footed, 14 touch)
    HP: 22/22
    CMB: +4 CMD: 18
    Fort: +1 Reflex: +4 Will: +3
    Perception: +2
    Initiative: +4

    Current Weapon in Hand: Spear (Light)
    Current Conditions in Effect: Guidance, Resistance
    Spells Remaining (1st): 0

    AC: 22 (20 flat-footed, 12 touch)
    HP: 29/29
    CMB: +5 CMD: 17 (21 vs. Trip)
    Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +1
    Perception: +6 (Scent)
    Initiative: +2

    Current Weapon in Hand: Natural weapons
    Current Conditions in Effect: Mage Armor

    The Writings of the Architect
    Serroth has given to us that are three great forces of infantry: that of the berserk, that of the skirmisher, and that of the defender. Each is matched against its own, so that when like forces meet, only numbers or vigor will win the day. This is a poor strategy. It is far wiser to meet an army with that which it is most weak against. A commander who is stronger in the light of Serroth will endeavor first to know his enemy, and then to array against him such things as will most easily defeat him.

    A force of skirmishers is greatest when placed against a force of defenders, as the armor of a defender needs must entail diminished maneuverability. This allows a force of skirmishers to strike and strike again at the flanks of the less mobile defenders. However, a force of skirmishers needs must fear a force of berserks, for a berserk’s great tactic is the charge, whereby they might easily run down and scatter a force of skirmishers. In such ways, a force of berserks is most strong when placed against a force of skirmishers, but its attacks are not so deadly when arrayed against the shields and tighter formation of a force of defenders, whose movement is but slow, and yet most inexorable, across the field of battle.

    Be it known that I speak of no more than the disposition of infantry across the battlefield. Forces of archers and of cavalry add greater complexities in which the light of Serroth guides us also, but in ways more difficult to convey so simply. Most especially, is it unwise to neglect magery, for even a small working can oft turn the tide of battle.

    Above all and before all, the greatest weapon a commander might bring to battle is knowledge, for even the greatest army will batter against a well-prepared enemy with little more effect than the tide on a sea-rock. It is oft the lack of one simple fact that turns a great army into a poor one, and a wise commander must know when his knowledge is incomplete, and where he may search in order to make his knowledge more complete.

    Know this: Serroth sometimes speaks in a great voice to those who are our greatest prophets, but more often he whispers the small things to us – those things which win battles and rout our foes – if we only know to listen.
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