As I said in the General Discussion Thread, I am considering creating a new character to replace Veniarus who I am considering retiring. The thing is, I am considering creating an Oracle of the Dark Tapestry. However before I do so, I kind of want to know how the Dark Tapestry itself fits into the cosmology and theology of the Living Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

First off I have looked through the Living Pathfinder Wiki's section outlining what is allowed and disallowed from Ultimate Magic. The Dark Tapestry was not on the list of items explicitly forbidden from use when the book was reviewed. Thus I can only assume that now that it is after 6 months that the Dark Tapestry is legal for use by the players. However when looking at the Cosmology of our game world the closest thing I can find to any mention of anything remotely resembling what might be the Dark Tapestry is references to "The Fourth Path" am I reading these references correctly? Is that what the Fourth Path is supposed to be in effect?

The other question is if the Fourth Path is what essentially makes up the composition of the Dark Tapestry in Living Pathfinder, then the question becomes, how do the Great Old Ones or Elder Gods or whatever you want to call them transition into Living Pathfinder? Do they also follow the same archetype model as every other god in Living Pathfinder? Or do they follow a different model since they are supposed to be in some way Alien to the world in a sense?

So I guess the question I am asking is how would I go about incorporating this into a characters background, especially one to whom it is so intrinsic as to being an actual matter of faith?