I'll just copy paste this from the general thread, as I've reread Mewness' suggestion which included starting a thread about the topic.

I'll copy paste my post in the general thread:

For my adventure 'A Call for Lovers' I want to place a group of islands on the map called the Crystal Isles. My intention was to justify its development and hustling bustling cosmopolitan flavour by say it is on the main trade route between Daunton and the Jade Kingdoms.

Mewness has just pointed out that most travel happens via the portals from the Isle of Opposition and suggested perhaps changing that slightly to accommodate the Crystal Isles.

Having just read up a bit on the Isle of Opposition, its fluctuating nature of destination is already built into the history.

My thoughts are that perhaps Bloodstone, the largest and most flourishing of the 18 islands of the Crystal Isles could be home to another portal, perhaps of a more stable nature. Perhaps it could be preferred for journeys from the Jade Kingdom to Daunton and the, just as the Isle of Opposition could perhaps be preferred for the journey from Daunton to the Jade Kingdom.

Or perhaps the tuning has shifted with the recent activation of this new Gateway and the Isle of Opposition and the Crystal Isles have connected. The Crystal Isles could be fairly close to the Jade Kingdoms. So from Daunton you'd travel to the Isle of Opposition and arrive in the Crystal Isles, slicing valuable time off the journey and avoiding treacherous waters, and back the other way the same route would be taken.

I'm kind of writing as the ideas occur to me. I'd love some feedback on this. If the Isle of Opposition were to be slightly altered I understand that would need approval.

So, throwing it out there. My players are getting closer to having their PCs ready, so it won't be long 'til we kick off and it would be good to have something like this a wee bit clearer. Not that it will make a big difference to the adventure, but it would be preferable that the place where events take place at least had some coherence and grounding in the whole setting, if not for more than a dash of flavour.

Many thanks for your thoughts, responses, critiques, questions, proposals, or suggestions!

To add Mewness' suggestion:

A certain faction controls the gate in the Jade Kingdoms. (Perhaps a non-desirable ill reputed faction that extorts and over charges clients and tends to tax goods in a very "unofficial fashion"). An opposing faction has set up an alternate route that passes through the Crystal Isles. (This faction perhaps could be of a much more reasonable nature, undercutting the steep prices of the jade Kingdom gate and making the most of the rich and diverse resources found in the Crystal Isles to encourage trade. Perhaps travel is longer to and from the Crystal Isles but reputedly pleasant, inexpensive and profitable. The arrival of goods a guarantee. this may change as the corrupt Jade Kingdom faction begins to wage war on its increasingly successful competitors)

The more I feed from Mewness' idea the more I like this last option the best.