Book One -- Knot of Thorns

"I have to admit that I’m pretty well blown away by Way of the Wicked (Book One: Knot of Thorns) and that’s saying a lot given my usual suspicions and doubts about running an evil campaign." -- Neuroglyph, EN World Official Reviewer

"Knot of Thorns shines at bringing a variety of game play options throughout the adventure...a truly innovative beginning to an evil campaign." -- Nathan C., featured reviewer at DriveThruRPG

"Simply the most enjoyable 1st level adventure I have ever run" -- Chris D., DrivethruRPG

"This book is amazingly well-done and written...Five stars easy. I just wish i could give it six!" -- Eric H., DrivethruRPG

"A bold, well written, well thought and enticing adventure...Jaded DMs out there: you need this." --Luca L., DriveThruRPG

"Overall, I found myself very impressed with the opening act for Way of the Wicked; this promises to be an adventure path as epic as anything by Paizo...You’ve never seen such a good job of being the bad guy." -- Shane O'Connor,

"A top notch product" -- Brian Stiltz,

"Author Gary McBride and artist Michael Clarke have, with this opening, definitely upped the ante of the quality one can expect from 3pps, rivalling Paizo’s APs in style, artwork and writing. I have nothing to complain. Nothing. I’m VERY impressed and, would it be possible, I’d rate this 6 stars." -- Thilo Graf, GMS Magazine

Book Two -- Call Forth Darkness

"I am still baffled at the quality Gary McBride and Michael Clarke manage to produce as essentially a two-man enterprise. Artworks, Cartography, Writing, Crunch and Fluff - all are up to top-standards and then, the scenario is brave, smart and INNOVATIVE. Where other adventures move on known ground, this one feels different. Want to know why it took me so long to write this review? Every time I got frustrated due to reading boring/bad pdfs and writing reviews for them, I went back to this adventure. Read a couple of pages. Smiled. And went back to work. I don't regret a single buck I spent for the print version and if your gamers are anything like mine and if there is some kind of justice, this adventure will go down into the must-play canon and be remembered in years to come as one of these iconic, unique scenarios that are classics - and this module also offers a stellar bang-for-buck ratio." -- Endzeitgeist,

"This is an adventure of grandeur...and I have to wonder if this campaign hasn’t already hit its high point; certainly this will be a hard act to follow." -- Shane O'Connor, featured reviewer on DriveThruRPG

"Call Forth Darkness is another solid adventure...All in all, recommended, and greatly recommended." -- Jared R., DriveThruRPG

"This module is pure high concept, and it's just great." -- Douglas Muir,

"I just got finished reading it. GREAT adventure!!! I thought the content and pace was amazing..." -- FlynnK,

"This is an awesome look at what it takes to run a your very own dungeon o' evil, complete with a great cast of NPCs good, bad, and neutral." -- Eric Hinkle,

And now available ... Book Three -- Tears of the Blessed

Our first 5-star has already been posted:
"Overall, Tears of the Blessed represents a turning point in the Way of the Wicked. While before, the PCs were operating in secrecy just to survive, and having to defend themselves against those who’d do them harm, here they get to be the ones doing harm to others. In this book, the PCs take the offensive against the light, and get to snuff out the heart of it. There are some problems with the finer points of the product, but these are easily dealt with, and the overall adventure is one which will likely be extremely satisfying to your players. Never has causing so much sorrow been so much fun as it is in Tears of the Blessed." --Shane O'Connor, featured reviewer for DriveThruRPG

The reviewers have spoken. With over twenty five-star reviews, "Way of the Wicked" is now fairly described as critically acclaimed.

Available for sale now at and DriveThruRPG, it's never been a better time to be wicked.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games