The Knight Watch
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    The Knight Watch

    The Knight Watch

    So after about a year off me and my guys are gaming again via Maptools- 4e but with an eye to the next gen, and a few house rules to keep us happy.

    House Rules are basically MM3 damage x1.25- hefty, and monsters have a 25% reduction in hit points- short and violent combat. Stat blocks for all the monsters I'm using are available.

    The backstory is-

    The neophyte heroes are part of a new organisation- the Knight Watch. Six months ago Fallcrest’s High Council Member Eoffram Troyas let it be known throughout the Nentir Valley that Fallcrest was looking for heroes. He particularly wanted the myriad factions with the Vale to each volunteer someone to answer the call. Troyas has had some success before with a similar plan, employing adventuring groups to do investigative work within the city and the vale.

    The idea is to train a group of individuals up to serve the city and the vale, it seems the adventurers they were formerly using have become less reliable- the Knight Watch will then be a loyal group of skilled individuals dedicated to protecting the land.

    And so we begin the adventures of the Knight Watch...

    Or rather, and I feel such a shill for doing this, we do over at Obsidian Portal, I promise you- it's very nice over there, with lots of pictures et al.

    Go here for the show-

    The Knight Watch | Obsidian Portal

    We're three sessions in to the game, the action so far-

    Prologue- Speeches and introductions from Eoffram Troyas, Captain Murgeddin and the myriad members of the Knight Watch.

    Session 1- The PCs head on to the streets of Fallcrest to set up an ambush. A gang of ne’erdowells, including a trio of Half-Orcs are ambushed. They learn that a member of the Fallcrest Royal Household has been kidnapped.

    Session 2- The Half-Orcs are interrogated, the kidnappers lair found and investigated, with much death and destruction. The Royal prisoner however can not be found- the PCs head out on to the streets to check their sources.

    Session 3- The Half-Orc Gang Boss, the Butcher, is found and killed- his followers likewise put to the sword. The Royal prisoner is recovered, the PCs are feted (briefly) and rewarded, and brought back down to earth when they discover they are scheduled for guard duty the following day.

    With many thanks to Piratecat whose 4e campaign put me back on track, and made me give 4e and D&D another go.
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