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    [4e] drothgery's arcane game - Clash of Steel

    Kelistin had a lot to recommend it as the place for adventurers between quests to stay. A large city where nearly anything for sale could be bought and sold, an extensive presence by House Cannith's artificers who could custom craft most that was not easily at hand, a central point for all of House Orien and House Lyrandar's resources to travel anywhere on this world, and the portals surrounding the city for when travel beyond that was necessary.
    It was also the capital of the Hyellic Empire. Which meant than since Silas had been the one to receive the odd message, he had discussed it with the Imperial Surveillance Corps.
    Quote Originally Posted by note
    To the brave and honorable company of adventurers
    from the Lady Stella Daybringer, countess of Barrinsgate, greetings.

    As a councilor of Barrinsgate’s Circle of Peers, I have the responsibility for security in this frontier city. In recent weeks, the city watch has come under increasingly violent attacks, and crime on the whole has increased. These assaults seem calculated to weaken both the rule of law in Barrinsgate and my own authority on the council.

    Word of your bold exploits has come to my ears. I am in need of proven investigators to act as my agents in this matter. I invite you to meet with me in private to discuss this assignment and negotiate terms of employment. I assure you that you will be paid most handsomely for your efforts.

    This matter is of the utmost urgency. My messenger has been instructed to await a response. In the name of peace, I trust that you will accept this invitation.
    "I don't know what to make of it, either." The eladrin said. Silas had been giving his reports to Marloes Valleau for years, when he had the time to make them in person.
    "Barrinsgate. On the northern edge of our territory in Andarvic. The Empire confirmed their self-granted titles to help smooth over the annexation, but it's still not exactly civilized country there. For all they wanted to bring in the Empire, it's nearly certain at least some of the Circle is involved in smuggling. We still don't know as much about them as I'd like. If you can convince your friends to go for it, the Corps would appreciate it." She continued.
    OOC: stonegod, feel free to have your character ask her any questions. Anyone else, feel free to set up a scenario to talk among yourselves or describe what you're doing between adventures in the capital.
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