BURNED CIRCLE Recruiting for a Dresden Files RPG Game (Closed)
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    BURNED CIRCLE Recruiting for a Dresden Files RPG Game (Closed)

    This is something Ive wanted to do for a long time but didnt have the time to do properly. But, now Im ready to get started.

    Rule System: Dresden Files RPG (FATE based)
    Needed Books: At least read over the FATE SRD here. the DFRPG book Your Story is a plus, novels or graphic novels are a plus as well
    Number of Players: 3-4
    Posting Frequency: At least every other day, I wont be posting much on weekends

    Dresden Files RPG
    The FATE system is a fairly rules-lite role playing game, which DFRPG is based on. You can find out information about FATE by using online resources (listed below). You can also purchase the DFRPG in pdf form, although I think its worth the physical copy. Not everything is the same as pure FATE, and DFRPG adds a bunch of new subsystems like magic and supernatural powers, but youll understand everything that goes on in the game by reading the online SRDs.

    Im working on a rules primer, based on one I use for tabletop sessions, for anyone who isnt familiar with the rules and would like a quick jump start into the system.

    Game Description
    The Dresden Files is a series of fantasy novels by Jim Butcher set in the modern day. In the books, magic is a real thing, but well hidden from the view of the public. It is high on intrigue and supernatural, and the DFRPG captures the feeling of the novels very well.

    This game will take place in the city of Atlanta, a travel hub with lots of people coming and going constantly, including the supernatural community. Things are always moving, and the PCs are thrown into adventures high on mystery and danger. The main focus will be on supernatural beings (practitioners in the art, creatures, etc.) who use the hustle and bustle to hide from prying eyes, while preying on the citizens. The PCs will be drawn into protecting those who can't protect themselves while stopping evil plots and uncovering mysteries surrounding the inhabitants of the city as well as some about the city itself.

    The events of Storm Front are yet to happen. As time progresses, the events of the novels might occur, but that will just be background material with a few noteworthy world-changing exceptions.

    Player Characters
    Allowed Templates: Pure Mortal, Champion of God, Changeling, Emissary of Power, Focused Practitioner, Minor Talent, Sorcerer, True Believer, Were-Form, Wizard
    Power Level: Submerged

    Im looking for PCs who are selfless heroes, those who want to change the world for the better and worry more about others than themselves. Once I see if theres interest, Ill post up character creation guidelines but for now keep in mind that Im looking to run a very heroic bent game, not a mercenary game. PCs should also be able to move around in human society without problems.

    You dont have to use a template if you dont want to; although I will closely look at anything you give me, no matter what. Character creation is going to involve the cooperative aspects of the DFRPG, with collaboration being an important aspect of character generation, so for now keep PC ideas to the basics. Ill help anyone who doesnt have the DFRPG with their character building. Trust me FATE character design is not complicated.

    In the DFRPG, the first part of character creation is city creation so that you have an idea about the setting while youre detailing your PC. Therefore everyone will take part in city creation in at least a small part. Ive got the ball rolling already, but its a collaborative effort. Everyone playing should feel like the city is their city.

    FATE Community SRD
    Spirit of the Century SRD
    DFRPG Home Page
    DFRPG Downloads Page
    Buy It

    Anyone interested post here with a very brief description of the kind of PC youd want to play, maybe a template and a High Concept.

    Once I have 3 or 4 players, well consider this game on. At that point, Ill post up more detailed rules for city and character creation.

    I hope others read this and get excited about the prospect of the game. I know I am.
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    Would be interested and I got the Dresden FATE books, but I'm inexperienced with both the system and the world.

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    I'm also interested, have the books (rules and all the novels) but don't know the system well, also I'm not 100% sure of my ability to post regularly, so if someone else wants a spot, they may have mine.

    EDIT: 2 side notes:

    1: I'm not trying to advertise here, but if you like the novels, the rulebooks are really fun to look at, even if you don't use the rules, the rules are annotated by the characters in the books, which is fun to read.

    2: A Gamemaster tip to help increase awareness for your game is to post a link to recruitment in the "Gms and players read this thread" sticky, which is a way to see that there's a game starting that you otherwise would have missed.

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    I love the Dresden books/TV show. I love urban fantasy as a genre.

    But I dunno if I have any business starting a new game right now. I'm in a lot, and my time is limited.

    I'll definitely keep an eye on it though. Maybe if things slow down for me later, and there's an opening, I can join in the fun.

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    I'm definitely interested. Just got the RPG books and I'm a big fan of all things Dresden.

    No idea on a character concept yet (or rather, too many ideas), but I would love to join this.

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    Wow, I'm thrilled for all the interest!

    So, it looks like the game will happen! So I have:

    responded in an initial interest thread.

    @Walking Dad
    Don't worry about lack of experience. I've only run a few games myself, and I'm sure you can pick up on the game quickly. Also, second the books being an awesome read in and of themselves.

    I'm not expecting a fast posting schedule myself, pretty much three times a week - every other day not counting weekends. You know you're schedule best, but I'll try to keep you enthralled if you stay.

    Don't worry too much about picking a character concept yet. First there's some city creation before PC creation which should help people solidify their ideas as the setting comes into focus.

    I'll list you as an alternate. If a slot opens up, I'll give you a PM.

    Soo... it looks like I have my four players. That was fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdWizard View Post
    Anyone interested post here with a very brief description of the kind of PC youd want to play, maybe a template and a High Concept.
    I think I will go with the Were-Form Template.

    As High Concept, how about Shadowcat Warden.

    A nimble and stealthy werepanther, that stalks the dark night to protect the innocent from those with power aiming to exploit them.


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    Right now I'm leaning toward a minor talent, maybe a pure mortal, I'll have to look at my book before I can really choose.

    Also I won't be able to post tomorrow probably because I'll be taking my AP Gov exam, I think it gets done at four, at which point my brain will be too fried to think clearly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GandalfMithrandir View Post
    Right now I'm leaning toward a minor talent, maybe a pure mortal, I'll have to look at my book before I can really choose.

    I was thinking about the same templates. I will just take the one GM doesn't choose
    Will be fairly new to the supernatural aspects of the world.

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    While you're thinking about Templates and High Concepts, start thinking about Locations. Doing a full blown City Creation in a play by post would be too cumbersome, so what I want is for everyone to think of a basic Location (pg. 37) for Atlanta. These can be neighborhoods, businesses, a park, a monument, or anything at all. You can do some research on Atlanta to go for something that exists, or you can make something up and we'll fit it in somewhere that makes sense.

    I'm going to make a Character Creation thread in a day or two, where you can start building the Locations. Then we'll move on to Character Creation in the same thread, complete with all the phases included, with collaboration between players to flesh everyone's Aspects out.

    Once we have characters made, I'll post up a Rogue's Gallery.

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