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    5e.... D&D Next Playtest OOC - Full

    Hi All. Not sure if there's any interest in this, but with the 24th coming up soon, I'm wondering if anyone has interest in playtesting the 5e rules through a PbP format. I'm going to be DL'ing the package and thought it would be good to see how it runs here as it's my main (ok only) gaming avenue. I wouldn't do anything until the following week so sometime around the 30th or so. Let me know if you're interested. If I get enough cool, if there's more than 5 people (or maybe 6 if we double up a Pre-gen) I'll work out who to choose, probably with a dice roll.

    The public playtest package for D&D Next, available from May 24th (Thursday) will contain:
    Five pregenerated characters
    Two clerics to test the range of the domain/deity system. One of the clerics is more of an armor-and-mace fellow, and the other is more of a mystic.
    Also a fighter and a classic wizard.
    The five characters will feature the background and theme system that WotC has alluded to in the past few months.
    The Caves of Chaos adventure
    A bestiary to accompany the adventure
    Rules of play, both for players and DMs
    The playtest is open to anyone who signs up, and the information will be available digitally. As part of signing up, there will be an online playtest agreement similar to the one used for Dungeon Command last year.

    There will be many differences, both in the core mechanics and in the characters, from previous playtests at events such as PAX East.

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    If the agreement does not specifically rule out online play of this sort, I would be up for it. Not like I have a group in real life or anything, unless I miraculously get my family to play (fat chance, after trying for like 16 years).

    I am interested to see how the game works. I use PbP more as something to tide me over in between the long periods without live games, but I think it is important that a D&D system work well with the format. 4E, with its bzillion interrupts, never seemed like it would be very PbP friendly to me.

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    I'd be interested. If I can talk my group into trying it out, I'm probably going to need to run it for them. I'd like to get a chance to try it from the other side of the screen assuming you don't mind the fact that I'd obviously be familiar with the adventure.
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    I wouldn't be concerned, it's just a test to try out how the system runs. If anyone really wants to they can DL it themselves and become familiarized with the adventure

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    No interest here, but just stopping by to wish you guys a good game! I think I'm done with new iterations of D&D.
    - Rhun

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    Hm! I'm interested. What I've seen so far of D&D 5 is...interesting. I'm cautious though, this seems like a good chance to learn more before deciding what to do.

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